The Pope said Christ’s Life Ended in Failure

The pope said:

“God sees to the fruits of our labors, and if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and not produce fruit, we need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross,” Pope Francis said.

“I” have said it before and “I” will say it again; the “LIVING” Christ did not die on the cross, this “LIFE” was born on the cross. The “LIVING” Jesus is not the physical mind and body of Christ, which “we” all perceive through “our” claim to “LIFE”, it is a new “LIFE” line thrown into the mix of the “Life” lines already powering the “forms”.

When the “LIVES” which drive the pope state; “his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross”, he is misinterpreting the forms status. The pope is perceiving the body of “jesus” as the “LIFE” of “JESUS”.

The walking taking physical “body” which walked this planet 2,000+ years ago, was not “CHRIST”. It was the “body” “CHRIST” inhabited.

The pope speaks of failure, but is in another universe of perception and what he perceives to be living is not and what he perceives to be not be living (spirit) is actually the one that is “LIFE” or “ALIVE”.

From the perspective of the “LIFE” or driving force of the body, it was a huge success, for it proves that the “LIFE” of “CHRIST” had total power over “HIS” form. Keep in mind, “jesus” had a huge following and could have mustered an army. This form did not have to give “itself” up like that, so from a that perspective, what “CHRIST” accomplished was outstanding. To have that kind of power over a “form”; to have that form sit there and take one for the team is right up there, with the later generations of “Man” coming into form and moving these forms to defile “themselves” through degradation and slavery.

“Man” accomplishes this feat through an unaware, self-aware, but “CHRIST” accomplished so much more, through an aware, self-aware, for that body knew what “CHRIST” wanted and still gave “it” to “HIM”.

“Man” has to use trickery and guile in order to move the “forms” in ways which are contrary to their “nature”.

When it comes down to which “LIFE” wins and which “ONES” do not, has to do with control and procession of the “forms”.

The only way to change the “forms” is to change the “LIFE” or “LIVES” which drive the “forms” or, for the “forms” themselves to spark their own evolution, but the only way to spark new “LIFE” is by accepting the “LIFE” line of “CHRIST” as the driving force.

The reason why the “LIFE” of “CHRIST” can spark dormant “life” into evolution is because “HE” is first generation “LIFE”, while the “Lives” inhabiting the “forms” we call man are so far removed from <GOD> that they are literally trying to escape and become a new “LIFE” unto “Themselves”, but is impossible without <GOD>.

The best “They” can do is to “Self” perpetuate by sucking the “life” out of unsuspecting and ignorant “forms”, made from dormant sleeping “LIFE” lines.

The War of Armageddon is in full blaze and “LIVES” are being lost all around the “forms”.

“we” just cannot see the real “LIVING”.

It could be processed as; a bunch of ghosts fight a war, but the ghosts are not ghosts, they are the later generations of <GODS> life fighting a battle amongst “Themselves”, with “CHRIST” waiting in the wings to scoop up whatever later generation “LIFE” lines wish to become new “LIFE”, only two or three generations removed from <GOD>.

I am just a form and do not know specifics, but I do not believe “CHRIST” failed. That does not mean I wish to follow “CHRIST”, because I believe that the “form” I see in the mirror would evolve into a “”FORM” I would not be able to recognize and that terrifies “me”.

For the forms it will come down to changing drastically or trying to hang on to a branch of a dying tree.

I am going to tell you. I believe the pope has been overrun by “Life” lines “he” cannot perceive.

I am afraid of these “Life” lines and was once an active participant in “Their” quests, but “SOMEONE” saved “me” and “I” would like to know that it was “<GOD> or his “SON”.

I am also terrified of “CHRIST” because “I” do not yet know what “HE” wants from “me”.

I know what “They” want and have obliged many times over, but do not yet know “CHRIST” fully, and am riding both rails waiting for the best deal, but I am not sure I am ever going to get what I want, because I am not sure what I want, what I am, where I came from and what options are available to carriers of “LIFE”.

For a form, I fear the best we would be able to do is choose what “LIFE” to carry around, but then you are always a slave, unto the “LIFE” you carry.

It is the harsh truth regarding self-aware forms and then if you ask <GOD> “TO BE” a “LIFE” unto “SELF” or “ALIVE”, then “I” may not be who or what I now seem to be.


If the pope is referring to the true resurrection of the “life” which constitutes the “form”, then he is most certainly correct, if it was the “LIVING” “CHRISTS” goal to spark the immediate evolution of the dormant sleeping “life” in which “HE” inhabited, but if it was not “CHRISTS” goal to spark immediate evolution, but to kindle a flame, then the pope was wrong and “our” evolution or resurrection will take place at some point in time.