The Hands of God

God’s hands are evolution and this propulsion is how God moves.

God is the previous who, the current who and also, who is to come.

God is the who in the what.

One “LIFE” everlasting.

One “LIFE”! One family of “LIFE”. One “PERSON”!

If you are one of the forms, which perceives self, due to Gods presence, God Bless you!

If you are a part of a certain family of “LIFE” and you are standing on two feet, seemingly all by your lonesome, this is because God wishes to be you.

In some ending or beginning reality there is “ONE” supreme “LIFE”.

I speak of evolution and of one God evolving.

Within this all inclusive force and presence, the left and right hand of each person is the same, but not the same from person to person.

One of these people is Man. Man’s left hand and right hand are the same.

You may look down and see two hands, but be assured, there is only one.

If we are one of the forms, which perceives self, due to Man’s hands, then God Help us!