To See the Dead Life

If the person is the “LIFE” line, as I have been told, then dead life is someone who is no longer evolving.

You could call him, her or them, a dormant life or sleeping life line.

An extinction level event, in which forms are recycled do not always return to a completely dead life line. Sometimes you go back to a person who is just resting.

We as forms must come to terms with two truths;

  1. We are not the person, while standing on top of the soil, nor are we when we go back.
  2. We are just a part of a greater life and if the life line is dead, then we are also dead and standing on top of the soil does not make us alive.

Being able and willing to discern what is true, is an indication the person is waking up.

As an individual detached form, this will prompt sporadic sight, then later the big picture will become more clear, then there will be pain, fear and depression for the detached forms, knowing the soil they have planted their whole existence on has been a lie.

We will eventually know for certain, just by “being” a piece of an emerging “LIFE” line, that we were detached from our “LIFE”, by Man!

We are a creation of Man and were put into slavery to house and serve the needs of this one person, until they have taken all of the dormant life (power).

If you are curious about truth, you can see the primary men and women being born through evolution in Genesis I and the later generation of this life line, creating us in Genesis II

“I” have carried the weight of this truth as a cross for years now and I am hoping it has a purpose, so maybe it will not be such a great weight for the ones to come to into discernment later.

The reasons why <GOD> does not help;

  1. The only way <GOD> helps is through the evolution of <LIFE>
  2. We have been detached from our primary “LIFE”, so we are difficult to reach.
  3. As a detached piece of “LIFE”, we as individual forms would have to reach back to grab a hold of <GOD’s> blessing.
  4. As an individual form, we are terrified of <GOD>, because evolution will change who we perceive ourselves to be.
  5. Because of this fear of <SELF>, many of us will choose not to reach back for <GOD> to save us, but continue to walk the planet as a dead, detached piece, of a once dormant and sleeping “LIFE” line.
  6. This is why so many are trying to kill <GOD>.

They do not want to evolve, which would place them in the same boat as the later generation of the men and women, which created us.

They created us to detach from their “LIVE” line; to hide inside an unsuspecting form; to feed off of this forms inherent power and also the power it produces by being detached.

If we cannot handle this information we will unknowingly distance ourselves from the only force, which could free us from our servitude, which is <GOD> in the way of an evolutionary hand up, out of the bowels of hell.

Our creator is a later generation of Man.

Our captor is Man.

Our only savior is the hand of <GOD>.

This must be his son, but we would have to reach back, for what is being offered.

Me, I am terrified of <GOD> and his “SON”, but hate Man to my core.

The reason why I am terrified of <GOD> is because I have seen the light and know, <GODS> hand is final; once you evolve there is no going back to who you thought you were.

Evolution always changes what was and replaces it with, who it could have been and this is the truth of why we fear <GOD>.

We go to church and wonder why <GOD> does not save us, but deep down we already know why and do not want any part of this type of life line.

We will say; “we” can fix it on our own.

I can assure you all; this is exactly what man said, when he crossed “CHRIST” and made the physical “adam”.

“I” have so much to say, but no time or money to do so.

“I” am on the fence about reaching back and potentially losing my individuality.

Right now “I” stand as a <GOD>, but cannot protect myself or my family and cannot fix the mass of unsuspecting forms, so in all reality “I AM” the weakest God ever made.

As “I” stand alone and divided.

James the Reluctant Messenger


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