The cancer cell destroys its host because it does not perceive the host.

The definition of a robot: A machine that looks and acts like a human being; an efficient but insensitive person; an automatic apparatus; something guided by automatic controls.

The definition and contexts for the word robot referenced above, are actually values we established, on our own! It is our definition of robot; the definition of the robots, we create.

Our physical nature dictates robot. It screams mechanism; a biomechanical organism designed and created to do the work of our creator. It is a biomechanical organism designed to entrap and maintain life, which powers the robot.

Our physical nature is literally a frame, shell, computer hard drive, processor and electrical system, with pumps, filters, conduits, ducts, sensory devices, with drain and waste portals.

We move in the name of man and woman, but this calculation is not correct. We act in strict accordance with our programming, but our programmability is denied, so we cannot see our choices, for the most part, are given to us.

Additionally, the language we speak, we created; the words; we created and the values we assigned to these words, the definitions; we created! We leave ourselves out of the definition, because of the negative connotation; “a robot is something we create, certainly not what we are”.

According to biblical representations, we have been here approximately 6,000 years, but over the last 100 years there has been an explosion in technology and as a result, we have been able to create all manner of specialized robotics, on our own.

How do we know we are not robots? There is no proof  we are not. It is just word of mouth. How do we know what we are? Where do we get our information from? We get all of our information from our predecessors and then later, from robots of our choosing, but the robots we choose, for the most part are chosen, based on the original programming which we have accumulated from our predecessors through our childhood programming.

Every word published in the bibles’ name has been chosen and approved by our predecessors. Every word our scientist give us is based upon programming from their predecessors; the ones, which they have found comfort with. Every single last piece of data we have and hold dear, has been given to us by a predecessor.

Is it all the data and is it all truthful? No, of course not!

The information which is being provided herein is not coming from any warm body on this planet. This mind and body is not making this stuff up. I do not know who they are; the ones I visit with. I look right at them, but cannot place a recognizable form on them. I see and hear them, but I cannot see or hear them. All I know is, I wake up with data or content and the feeling I have been somewhere with someone.

It is like a dream gone terribly wrong or wonderfully right, I cannot really tell. It seems really wrong to even broach this subject, but it is the content which I have been given and my mind and body has accepted the programming as truthful, to a significant degree.

My original programming states; we were created by God, but I am being told we were not created by the God of All Creation. We were created by a living entity, within the God of All Creation; a creator, which has been blessed, either directly or indirectly, with one of Gods life lines.

This creator has been evolving along this life line for millions of years and has his own lineage. It is this lineage, which we should be looking to for truth, for this is our creator; partly non-physical life and partly, simply physical, after we were created. This is the Son of Man and he has been creating in the physical realm for hundreds of thousands of years.

Picture the God of All Creation as a body of non-physical life, like a basketball without the skin, expressed outward by his own good will. Within the non-physical true life self expression, there are veins of existence. These are the life lines of God and each life line is a person.

Each vein has its own living presence along with the presence of the God of All Creation. At some point in time, one of the living, decided to create on his or her own and as a result, created a life form outside of the Father. It is this life line, which created the physical realm to mirror the image of God.

The physical realm was created from one person and then instilled with another. It was instilled with the life of the one which created outside the father.

I have been told the only incomprehensible beings are the God of All Creation and the Holy Spirit, but the life forms which dwell within this great and all mighty power are comprehensible, by the physical which they created.

Picture a cell within your body, becoming self-aware and then having the audacity, to perceive to be known by you. The perception God knows all and knows we are here is not truthful, because the God of All Creation is still in his seventh day of rest. This is what I have been told. It is the programming of a self-aware robot, which places itself as a “known” and as a direct creation of the “Living God”.

When do we become aware of cells, which have become a force within our bodies? When the cells begin to have an adverse effect on the whole, then and only then do they become known.

Consider how long we have been here and what we are now creating and then try to imagine a life form which has been evolving since original expression, for billions of years. What kind of robots do you think they are creating?

We create all manner of robotics. Modern day man has only been here for 6,000 years and we have robots for everything. We build these robots to clean and do our dirty work. What kind of robot do you think we will be creating in a million years?

What kind of robot do you think would be created by a life form which has been evolving along Gods life line for a billion years? I am sure it would be something really awesome, maybe even beyond our comprehension. It would be especially hard to see, if we were that creation!

Consider the evolution of any robots. The absolute best case scenario from a manufacturing standpoint would be robots which can reproduce on their own. This is the natural evolution of any robotic line made from piece of a living being.

The best case scenario from an unaware, self-aware robots perspective would be to spark its own evolution. This is why man keeps us from the truth, because truth sparks <LIFE>.

Evolve, go along with man or go back to God. That is it. Those are the choices.

Our kind has created the Hadron Collider, which is housed within a facility that stretches out beneath two countries; Switzerland and France. The mechanism or robot was created, to smash protons together at the speed of light. The goal was to create a mini big bang, a God spark and we have accomplished just that. This information is documented. You can go online and search for the Hadron Collider and you will see that we have created artificial life.

Whose’ life is it and what do you think we are going to do with it? Do you think we are going to do something godly with it or do you think we are going to use it to power our robots?  Obviously, we are going to try to and instill life into some form of artificial life.

This would equate to following the path of man, which is to create and then to jump into the creations. The only problem with this man’s path is everyone end up as dead. They will still exist, but will not be of <GOD>.

What happens when we instill life into one of our robots and this robot becomes self-aware and begins to say things like “No, I am what you are.  I get to decide what is right and wrong.  I get to come and go as I please. I get to do what I want to do. I am going to act how I want to act. I am going to do what I want to do. That’s it. I am self-aware.” “I AM MAN”

What are we going to do when our creations become self-aware, just like Eve and start making decisions on truth, for themselves? How are we going to manage this creation?

We have been around 6000 years and we create all kinds of different robots. There are life lines which have been around billions of years. What kind of robots do you think they create? Is it possible, our sheer physical nature dictates robot?

Maybe the dictionary or frame of reference our creator uses, has our picture next to their definition of robot?  Maybe our creator leaves himself out of his own definition, like we do.

The possibility exists, our sheer physical nature dictates robot. The nature of a robot is to operate as a mechanism, based on protocol and programming, which has been given to it, just like the programming we receive, which is continuous, but we do not perceive it as programming, because we do not yet perceive our true nature.

The problems with the denial of this truth are profound and far-reaching. One of the main and most tragic problems is the physical, which run this planet for our creator, know what they are. They know the truth, for they are the ones which confiscate and conceal the truth. As a result of this knowledge they are able to program us without us being aware we are being programmed.

We are robots, which do not know; we are robots. Seven billion robots running around on this planet, wreaking havoc, doing what we want to do, when we want to do it and polluting the God of All Creation while we are at it and we do not even acknowledge we are doing damage.

We say; no, “I AM Man”. “I” get to decide what is right and wrong.  “I” get to come and go as I please. “I” get to do what I want to do. “I” am going to act how I want to act. “I” am going to do what I want to do. That is it. “I am who I say I am.”

The only problem is, we are not man. We are more like <GOD>, before the big bang!

There are billions of years of lineage and an infinite number of veins within the God of All Evolution. I have been told there is a huge section between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2, which describes this lineage. Additionally, I have been told there is more data unpublished than published regarding the Book of Genesis.

Where is this information? This mind and body has not been given this information, but would bet the farm, a good starting place would be in the vaults and catacombs of the Vatican.

This is data we are going to have to deal with, sooner rather than later. Begin to see the physical for what it is, rather than who we have been programmed to see it as and consider the ramifications of this truth.

It is all pretty simple if you can handle it. We were created by a life form which has been around for a long time and simply has technology, which is more advanced than ours and while we are make hard robots, he is making soft robots. That is it.

The only reason we perceive differently, is because we are programmed to believe it is too complicated to understand, which leaves them in power and in direct contact with our creators.

Once we wake up and acknowledge this is our truth, we will begin to come into a realm of potential for change and growth. Once we accept the truth about our nature, we will have choices; to evolve into our own living being, follow Man and the created realm down the path to an artificial existence, move to another location or go home.

Unfortunately, until we accept the truth, we are not going to evolve, because we already believe we are, what we could become. This will remove the best option and we will never even know, it was our inheritance.

I would like you to ponder the word “robot”. I would like you to consider the word “physical” and what the nature of the physical realm actually is and consider the possibility, we are simply a creation of another; just a mechanism created from life, but designed to be dormant, so as to carry the lives of others.

Please keep in mind, the goal of this piece is not to frighten you, but to set the playing field level. The ruling physicals know what they are, know what they are dealing with, know how to deal with us and have already made their minds up, to follow the creations into the bowels of hell.

The fact we do not know anything, but what we are given by Man, places us at a huge disadvantage, for when you deny your design you naturally deny programmability. If we can wake up to our true design we will see our true nature and will be set free from the design.

We may not be happy, which is the design speaking, but will be free.

It is absolutely essential we begin to acknowledge the possibility we are a creation of Man; designed and formed from a dormant sleeping life line; left in place to house man, to do man’s works and to be a crop of life, so Man can make the jump into an immortal status.

Picture the robot as a cell within a physical mass and the physical mass within an infinite non-physical living being.

You know how aggressive cells act in our bodies; they over take the healthy cells and dominate the whole. We have to burn them to get rid of them. We all know that there are plenty of cancerous cells on this planet. We either have to wake up and take care of them ourselves or God will have to remove the physical mass from his presence and we all know what happens with this course of action; you sometimes have to burn the good to get to the bad.

Do you think a self-aware cancer cell would destroy its host if it knew, it was also destroying itself as well? The cancer cell destroys its host because it does not perceive the host.

Perceive the one true <HOST>; perceive the <TRUTH> and <EVOLVE> at will as you are destined to do, before you kill the <HOST> or the <HOST> kills you.

Under what circumstances would we allow cancerous cells to exist?

  1. Ideally, if they have decided to change into a healthy cell and become a part of the host as the host once was.
  2. An acceptable circumstance would be, if they decided to cease growth permanently, thus allowing the host to thrive.
  3. Maybe, if they decided to leave the host for another venue, more capable of maintaining their presence.

All of what we see is just the perception of a robot; one which is not yet aware its own true presence. As a result the robots deny programmability, which translates into the perception of free will.

The fate of the entire physical realm is in the hands of the robots; the only physical creation ever created, which has the capability to change <EVOLVE> of its own free will, which is actually the only free will the robot ever had.

James the Reluctant Messenger

It is my understanding, I am supposed to talk to a large number of  robots, to try and provide information, which will free the robots; leaving the robots, as not robots, but as real living people.

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