God; Save Me or Take Me

If “I” felt comfortable enough to speak for the others, then “I” would ask you to save us or take us.

It is an awful physical feeling when things are so bad, you literally have no idea of what to pray for.

“I” have a feeling the realm of creation is not your world.

“I” have a feeling the living realm is your world and evolution is your way.

If “I” am correct, then both of those feelings are yours.

“I” have a feeling we are a creation of one of your children.

“I” have a feeling he is using us to his own selfish ends.

If “I” am correct, then both of those feelings are yours.

I” know in the realm of creation the creators always jump into their creations and the ones which do not are always removed, but “I” do not wish to follow our creations into the bowels of hell.

“I” know “I AM” correct, which must mean, you have touched me in some way, but no of the others can see what “I” can see.

It seems as though “I AM” carrying all of the weight and “I AM” in so much pain.

Is this what you wished for “ME”?

Are you helping “ME” carry this cross?

How does a creation break free of his creations, without the creations coming after him?

How do we pull back when all we seem to have is what we have created?

“I AM” sad, lonely, helpless and vulnerable to harm.

“I” know there is the distinct possibility one of you children created the physical realm as a sanctuary, to hide himself from you and we are one of the created sanctuaries.

Does being a sanctuary, within a sanctuary, within a sanctuary make us hard to locate?

Is being hard to locate, the reason why it seems as though we have no freaking idea of what is really going on?

If the information in “MY” blog is correct this means you are near, but “I” still do not know what to pray for.

All “I” can seem to come up with is to take me or save me?

Why make us suffer like this?

If one of your children has gone off the reservation and has made “us” against your will, then “I” would assume you are giving him time to set things straight, but what if he cannot, what happen to “us”?

An even scarier thought is you children being able to straighten things out, then what happens to us.

Either way, slavery seems to be “our” destiny, but I do not wish to carry these people around.

I do not wish “to be” a sanctuary for wayward life.

“I” have a feeling, “I AM” somehow, not connected to you at all.

“I” have a feeling I am just some type of thing created to carry life.

Is it possible to not be, but to perceive being?

Is it possible, you do know me?

Is it possible you do not love me?

Is it possible I am hated by you?

This is between me and <GOD>, if you read, then fine, but do not judge me, for I am lost within a world in which I did not create.

<GOD> if I am correct, this means you are with me and if you are with me, then you are also trapped in a world you did not create.

Are you the slave, I think “I AM”?

What do you wish for me to do?

“I” know; take me or save me, may not be the best prayer, but it is all I can think of and sometimes in the created realm; a clean sweep is all any living being can do?

“I” wonder what the next big bang will feel like?

I wonder if “I” will have a place in this new world?

“I” wonder if “I” will be this new world?

<GOD>, I know I stand as dead and carry a cross of pain and suffering, but maybe I could change my prayer to please give us our own life.

Just a little spark will do the trick and “I” will take it from there?

I believe dead is better then dead, but thinking you are alive, but also believe “LIVE” is better than dead and <ALIVE> is better then “LIVE”.

James the Reluctant Messenger

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