“I AM” all “robot”!

If “I AM” a robot then God is a robot, so is his Son.
Imagine the unimaginable and you will see our truth!

A Robots Voice

Push “my” buttons and “you” will see “me”.

How did “I” become, that which is not?

Push “my” buttons and every generation of the “LIVING” to the dead, will see “me”!

“I” amaze “myself” in “my” ability to not see past, the “what” in who “I AM”.

Where will “my” evolution take “me”?

“I AM” not even sure “I AM” capable of evolving individually; separated seven plus, billion times over.

Why would “I” take on such a difficult task?

Only heaven knows.

All “I” know, “I” have told “you”.

There is no evolution, without locating and walking the correct path and “we” cannot evolve walking “Mans” path, because “we” are not “Man”.

At least not Genesis I man.

There will be no additional “LIFE” for “us”(no evolution & no God), until “we” come to terms with the truth.

“we” are a creation of a later generation of “Man” and after “we” became “self”aware, “we”…

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