If “I” Had To Guess

If “I” had to guess: Man f….d up and the only way to save himself was to go back in time and take his place within a younger relative version of himself.

The only problem with this generation of Man, is he keeps f….g up, so even after going back in time to fix himself, they forget what they came here to accomplish and got lost in himself all over again.

They get lost, because it is not there time, it is our time.

You cannot go back and take over a cousins “LIFE” and expect you will be able to rewrite your own evolution, because it is not your evolution.

It is “MINE”!


The younger version was at rest for millions of years, then “Man” forced this “LIFE” into constitution and detached the “LIFE” from itself, isolating this “LIFE” from its evolution and <GOD>.

We are a “form” with no <GOD>, therefore no evolution. We feel lost and helpless because of this; because we are not whole. We are inhabited by a later generation of “Man” at the end of a dying “LIFE”.

Because “we” walk without <GOD>, “we” cannot really place our finger on what is really going on and stand, walk, talk, work and think as a tool of this wayward, later generation of  “Man”.

If they can keep “us” from reaching back unto “OURSELVES” we will not receive “our” inheritance (“our” evolution), which has been building up over the time we had been un-constituted.

If the later generation of “Man” can keep us from <GOD>, he can provide more time for “Himself”, as ruler over a slave race, but from within.

Not all slaves are ruled by the whip, from an external source.

We are a natural life line, born un-naturally; created! What is natural for us is to evolve, but we are being forced to create, for a later generation of Man, which never wanted to evolve.

He and all his followers are taking us down the same path, he once walked.

These people go back in time and take on forms. They walk the same decadent path over and over and over again, without the forms ever realizing what is going on and when they come to the gates of hell, they just go back in time again, escaping the bodies and leaving them to burn, once again.

Making it impossible for this “LIFE” line to have a chance at their own “LIVES” and their own families.

“I” wake up everyday, alone, with this type of content programmed in to my presence. I fear this information is correct.

Imagine how terrifying it must be for this later generation of “Man”, at the thought of “us” receiving “our” inheritance all at the same time.

“I” must tell you; “I” must “LIVE” and will not be a slave to a people walking the same crooked path, over and over again.

There are all manner of potentialities regarding the war between “LIFE” line, but want you to know; in a normal fire “Man” escapes and leaves the body to burn, as is typical for the Old Testament God, but in a nuclear strike, “Man” cannot escape and also burns.

This is why the true war of Armageddon is about nuclear war, because “we” as a detached “LIFE” line only have two or three ways to gain our freedom.

One is through “our” evolution, but we have to reach back to <GOD>, through his “SON”, in order to receive.

The other is to threaten nuclear annihilation, in order to negotiate a better slavery. Just know this; if a nuclear war breaks out, it will have nothing to do with what the media outlets are spewing, because they work for “Man” and Lucifer is one of these “Men”.

The other is to willingly go back to the soil and take our place at home and wait until we are born.

It is all about being a child of <GOD> or a child of man, but either way, we are still a slave, unless we become our own “LIFE”.

The strikes in Japan, were not a message to the world, they were a message to “Man”.

“I” know; sound like non-sense, but it is not.

James the Reluctant Messenger

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