Destabilizing a Life Line

It is the same as destabilizing a country or any other type of entity.

Divide and conquer!

Man has been doing it for eon’s and we are not him.

We are the destabilized life line.

How do you destabilize a life line?

You have to make sure it is dormant. An extinction, without rejuvenation would confirm dormancy, then all you would have to do is divide the life, over and over again.

One made the other, then they made a third, fourth, fifth and so on, but what they did not understand is they were one person from the get go and when Man pulled from Adam to make Eve, there was a reduction in life.

Take one dormant sleeping person and then divide the person seven plus billion times and you will find me.

Add in seven billion plus parts being self-aware individually and there you will find me.

Make them different colors, sizes and change the languages and there you will find pieces of my destabilized self.

Like a country torn apart by civil war.

Is a country one person or is a country the totality of the population.

Where is the “Son” of <GOD>?

Beside “Himself” seven plus billion times.

Where is <GOD>?

Destabilized by Man.

James the Reluctant Messenger

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