Do You Believe Lucifer Loves Himself?

Could you imagine being Lucifer and wanting desperately to change, but cannot!

“I” can.

The problem any “LIVING” being would have with <GOD>, is <GOD’s> movement (Evolution) always changes what was and replaces it with what could have been.

This may not be terrifying to a fish, which evolves and grows legs and lungs, but to a “LIVING” being, with its own sense of self, it is absolutely terrifying notion, because <GOD’s> movement is always extreme and most of all, permanent!

This is why every reasonable, knowledgeable, awakened “LIVING” being would weigh voluntary change, against the notion of <GOD> having to move.

Do you know what the most advanced level of “LIVING” is?

To be able & willing to completely give up what was, in place of what could be, knowing you would not remember what was.

This is why at our level, change is always fleeting and we always revert back unto what we once were, which is dust.

We even have trouble making small permanent changes in personal behavior, without reverting back to old patterns.

I would imagine Lucifer is having the same problems we are having, but on a much grander scale, as he is more extreme than “I” and has been “HIMSELF” for a much longer time.

The question is; is the perception of self greater, than the fear of the loss of the perception?

Do you believe Lucifer loves himself?

“I” know he does not.

James the Reluctant Messenger

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