Is The Truth An Unprofitable Goal?

<GOD> why do I feel like such a freak of nature all the time?

I see layers, while the entire population sees what they are given to focus on.

I could certainly defend myself, but by doing so I would have to destroy the fiction or at least attack it.

It feels as though going after truth is an unprofitable goal, as I am so very unhappy and scared all the time.

I guess my real question is; if what you have told me of creation is true and it always ends in death, then how will your way of evolution be any better, unless I could be me and you at the same time?

<GOD> if I am your son, then why do I always feel like a freak?

Most every “body” on the planet believes you created us, but you told me it was “Man”, how am I supposed to handle this information?

If a later generation of “Man” did create “me”, then how am I your son?

How am I connected to you at all?

Most every “body” on the planet believes you gave us “LIFE”, but you told me “we” were not <ALIVE>, but made from “LIFE” and went on to tell me; if “I” were <ALIVE> “I” would not need to eat, drink, breathe, urinate or defecate, how am “I” supposed to handle this type of information?

If what you tell me is true, then how will “I” “LIVE” and when will “I” be born?

AND, if “I am” to “LIVE”, then do I get to keep my “body”?

AND, if “I” get to keep my body, then shall “I” not feel like a freak of nature?

OR should I have originally asked; why do I always feel like a freak of creation.

They participate in a month long virtual reality attack and then go back to sleep. It puts them back to sleep, content but, asleep!

“I” feel like an outcast.

How can the truth be profitable if it hurts so <GOD> damned much.

If you are not going to save me, would it not be better to simply join the population and go back to sleep.

What purpose am “I” serving here.

<YOURS> or “Man’s”?

Please do not leave me here like this.


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