Let the Seventh-Day Come, So I May Come “TO BE”

Man created a sanctuary here and “I AM” the here!

“I AM” the “BODY of “LIFE” you were formed from. Man did this to us in an effort to enslave a power source AND to provide a safe haven for the men and women, who have chosen to defy my <FATHER>.

“I” was not always “you”, but my <FATHER> made me what “you” are and now it is time to see all there is to see.

A later generation of the “LIVING” “Man” came to find themselves at the end of a dying branch, they stole from a dormant sleeping “LIFE” line to create what you are now and cut you out of the family business, which is the business of “LIFE” and the business of “LIFE” always blossoms into “LIVING”, unless you were pulled before you were born and choose the ways of “Man”.

We are now “Man’s” corporation and what we have done in the name of “Man” was to create our own versions of  corporations to give “ourselves” to, and what “our” corporations will create, will be something without any “LIFE” what-so-ever and this will be an enemy to all the generations of “LIFE”.

“I” evolve, my <Father> evolves, most all of the generations of “Man” evolve, except for one, which chose to create as a means of self-perpetuation.

These “Men” and “Women” did not want to give up “WHO” they perceived “Themselves” to be, knowing that any birth (evolution) always replaces what was, with a new version of “LIFE” and the fear has always been the loss of one perception of “LIFE”, without knowing or remembering “WHO” “I” once was.

End result is where we all stand at this very moment.

“WE”, as a “body” of “life, who are inhabited by these later generations of men and women, will have to make a choice as to “WHO” to follow.

The “LIFE” line of “CHRIST”, which will be born anew, which is very scary, but exciting or the “LIFE” line of a later generation of “Man”, which will create themselves out of a “LIVING” existence and land at the bottom (hell), with no “LIFE”, but will stay “on” as dead, in their own little tiny dead world.  What they will do to “MY” life line will be to express the seven deadly sins in all of their horror and convince “MY” flock that all of these debaucheries are just a natural reflection of “WHO” we are. They will convince the unaware “bodies” of “life” to follow the ways of creation into the bowels of hell and present change as evolution, but there will be no growth in this journey.

“I” see what they are doing and if “I” do not step up and take “MY” place, you will not be brought into the light of “MY” <Father> and will not even realize you have chosen “Man” over <GOD> and stand as ANTI-CHRIST!

“WE” are “Man’s” incorporation, but the difference between “Man’s” incorporation and what “we” have created as an incorporation, is that “we” do not need the “lives” which dwell within, in order “TO BE”.

What “we” have created needs “LIFE”, but we have our own active “LIFE” line; it is just sleeping.

Let the seventh day come, so “I” may come “TO BE”.

James the Reluctant Messenger of “CHRIST”.

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