Man Will Prompt You To Not Look Inside

Man will allow you to perceive “LIFE”, but will not correct you, as to the placements and ownership of this “LIFE”.

This leaves the “LIFE” line perceiving “they” are “Men” and “Women”, which hides their true identity from “them”, which denies the evolution and birth rights.

The “Lord Man” created a vessel; a garden.

When he was looking for the physical “adam” and “eve”, “He” was not doing so from the outside in, “He” was doing so from the inside out.

When “He” asked; “why are you covering yourselves?”, “He” was looking at it from the perspective of a being wearing a garment, which is now, wearing a garment of their own accord.

“He” will tell you of a serpent, but it was never a serpent who prompted the covering of genitals, it was the “LIFE” line “they” were pulled from, and “Man” made them feel badly about this and even punished them for doing so.

When the “Lord Man” and “Lucifer” were playing games with Abraham, trying to get “him” to sacrifice “his” offspring, “They” were doing this from the inside out.

The serpent dwells within and is a later generation of the first “MEN & WOMEN” described as being created in Genesis I. The original generations of this “LIFE” line were pure, but the later generations are not and they are not nice either.

They made “us” and dwell inside us, like some type of sanctuary city.

They use us as slaves and do not see us as equals.

We are reviled, hated and disrespected.

“They” will tell “you” not to worry, but “I AM” telling “you” too worry.

“They will tell “you” every “thing” is going to be OK, but “They” are lying.

“They” will allow “us” to continue to perceive “ourselves” as “Man”, which effectively hides this later generation of “Life”.

This omission, not only effectively hides “Man”, but by making us believe “we” are the “MEN & WOMEN” described in Genesis I, “They” deny “us” our evolution; “They” deny “us” our “LIFE”.

What “we” perceive as a result of falsely claiming first “MAN is that “we” perceive “ALIVE”, when “we” are not.

If a dormant sleeping “life” form, already perceives “itself” as “LIVING”, then why would “it” ever ask for “LIFE”.

Why does “Man” do this to us?

So “we” will stand, as un-unaware power source, so “They” can siphon “our life line”, from the inside out!

Invert everything “we” have been led to believe and “we” will not only find “ourselves”, but will spark our “life” line into a “LIVE” status, removing the need for “Man”.

If “WE” “LIVE”, they die.

The war of Armageddon is not something the five physical senses can see.

It is the sixth sense, which is simply the “I” of the “LIFE” line.

James the Reluctant Messenger of Christ

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