The Seven Visions of James

The New Game

I went on a journey. I cannot state who I was with, but was with another life form. We were flying high above a planet and speaking together. He was telling me that all of humanity had a new game to play with and told me it was a gift from the God of all Creation.

We flew over an area and I could see an enormous stadium. It looked like a typical baseball or football stadium, but gigantic. When I looked down into the stadium I saw something really strange. I expected to see a baseball or football field, but saw a beautiful and majestic golf course. It was beyond what physical words are capable of describing.

I immediately knew it was a full game; a new game all within a brand new stadium. It was as if the golf course, typically played in a wide open area, was now in a stadium, with walls and gates to keep life in or out. It was a feeling of a protected game.

Only concern was that I did not know where I was and did not ask, because knowing where, did not seem relevant.

When my mind and body awoke, it became aware that I had been on a journey and was able to hold on to this vision for me.

A Large Room 

I went on a journey. It was clear I was with my father, this time. We were in a large room. It was difficult to tell what kind of structure it was and how big exactly, but it was certainly under construction.

There were hundreds, if not thousands of construction workers in this one room. They were all involved in the construction process. It seemed as though they were all very committed to their work. We were trying to find a space on the floor to place “The New Game” down.

There wasn’t much room though, as the construction workers had their tools and equipment all over the floor. Life was evolving and moving their minds and bodies to change, but the progress was slow. When we spanned the room, we certainly found spots to place “The New Game” down, but upon further review, it was clear that if we did so, “The New Game” would just get trampled, by construction workers. You know how it is. The construction site is always the most disorganized right before the project is complete.

We just couldn’t find a safe and secure place for it. It was given, that we had just one chance to place “The New Game” down, one chance to get it right. The placement and timing were absolutely crucial.

I turned to my father and said. “Why don’t we just hang the game on the wall and when they are ready for it they can take it down and play with it”? Immediately, it came to me; if we were to hang Gods’ “New Game” on the wall, it would just sit there, on the wall forever and nobody would ever take it off the wall to play with it. It is the kind of game in which everybody has to play or no one can play.

I realized that we had to stay and make sure that the game was in place before we could move on, to help the next planet in line. We had to go; there were places to go and people to see. We had other folks to help and there was no question of this at all.

When my mind and body awoke it became aware that I had been on a journey and was able to hold on to this vision for me.

The Final Walk Through

I ventured off for a tour of some kind. It was a huge home or should I say estate, as the home had a tremendous amount of land surrounding it. I was with a large group of Living beings; a mix of humans and other life forms, which were slightly different then what I have been accustomed to lately, but not in such a drastic way that I was alarmed, as a matter of fact, they were just as we were and all were part of the entourage.

You would think, that based on my years in real estate brokerage, that I would be the broker on this tour representing the owners, but was more a front person for the tenants or lessees; kind of like a tenant representative.

There was a God or what I perceived to be a God, sitting at a table with a bunch of paperwork out. I do not know who it was. I am not sure if it was The God of All Creation or simply a higher end life form which was prepared to buy this estate or take back legal possession of it in some way. I had the sense that he had owned it or had use of it at one time, but sold it and was looking to re-establish possession in some way.

I was sure that it was not our first showing but, our final walk through. If all seemed well with the home then we would be headed to the closing table to sign our paperwork, so that we may fulfill our contractual obligations as tenants or lessees.

It was again a clear vision. A God was getting ready to once again take possession of his original creation. We were to be the tenants and this estate was to be protected from outside influence. It was to be a universal, legal transfer of title. This paperwork was crucial in assuring the placement of “The New Game”. It was also implied that the first time around, that this type of paperwork and protection of ownership rights had not really been attended to in previous endeavors.

The home in which we were viewing was enormous and was built of stone and masonry with old style architecture. I loved it. I loved every last detail and I was very excited to start the rehab process. This estate had everything that we wanted, but was aged across the board. It had huge upside though and it was surely a diamond in the rough. We could see right through the decay and rot, right through to her inner beauty.

We toured the whole estate. We went through the grounds and then went inside. We went from one huge room to the next with each having its own architecture, décor and charm. Even though I had a large group of people with me it was clear that we all would have plenty of room.

We ended up in one of my favorite rooms. It was a large round room with a huge wrap around picture window, overlooking the whole estate, oddly enough, from the front left view. We could all look out over the home and the grounds and it was like we could see the whole place at once. It was wonderful and we were all very excited.

The being that was showing the property was a representative of the past occupant. He was a large manlike being but, real big though, I mean tall, obviously not an earthly human being. None the less we again we not alarmed and he seemed as though he was pretty chilled out and just doing his job.

He leaned down and over to me and said, just loud enough for all to hear; you know that there is still a title issue with this property. I looked up at him and said very calmly; I was told the title issue had been taken care of. He said that it had not as the old tenant was still in place in the basement. The old tenant was supposed to move out, but did not. He went on to say that this obstacle would most likely hold the closing up.

I looked around at every ones expression; they were obviously all saddened by the delay. I said to him, so that all could hear, but firm and clear; I have been around for a long time and there is one thing I know for certain and that is; title issues always get resolved eventually and that we would close sooner than later.

When my mind and body awoke it became aware that I had been on a journey and was able to hold on to this vision for me.

The Construction Site 

I was notified that the construction process was complete and it was time for “The New Game” to be set in place. I was running this time. I ran as fast as I could, to this large room that was set aside for us. The funny thing was that I was running without effort as though there were no limitation on my capacity for speed and distance. It was really cool.

Once I was there I grabbed a chair and took a seat. I looked around and everyone seemed relaxed, but excited that the time had come. We sat for days on end without any discomfort at all. It was the most relaxed I had ever been and the others seemed to feel the same way that I did. I felt at ease because I had been notified that the construction process was complete and because I knew that it was time for “The New Game” to begin.

Then the word came that my paperwork was ready and I needed to go pick up my package. I walked into this large rectangular shaped room and walked over to my people, who were sitting against the back wall. There were tables set up all over the room and it was obvious that each table had their own separate origins. Most looked human, while others did not. I felt no fear though as it was clear that we were all there for the same reason.

We made our greetings and then they just pointed to the table that was located at the front of the room. I would call it the head table. I walked over and they handed me a package. Then they said something that was truly strange, they looked at me and said; do you want to bet? I looked down at them and said; I don’t bet and walked away with my paperwork in hand. Then I ran and ran, as fast as I could for as long as I could. People along my path were smiling and kind of supporting me in my run back to my space.

Then I was summoned to return one of the construction vehicles, which was no problem, as I was more than up to the task. I was told to get this large construction vehicle over to the other side of the construction site, to park it and then go on my way into the new stadium, which God had prepared for us.

I was psyched as I was almost there. I jumped into the truck and drove away. I came up on the construction site and saw two ways to the other side. One was along the top outside rim and one was down this large ramp right into the center of the construction site. I took the ramp to save time, as it was clear that to travel the outside rim would take forever. I saw plenty walking around the outside rim, but I was not interested in that journey and certainly had a choice.

I drove down to the bottom of the ramp. There was a huge level area of land. This land had no vegetation or trees and was definitely a newly vacated construction site. This whole huge area was cleared and free from anything that I could see; like a desert. I was still very excited, though.

I drove toward the other end of the site so that I could complete my mission. Three quarters of the way there, I came up on this enormous hole created by the past tenant. It was deep and wide, like the Grand Canyon and it was clear that I was not getting the construction vehicle over that hole.

It was literally, one last ditch effort to block the completion of my mission. I had to present the construction vehicle in order to be a part of “The New Game”. I believe, that is what was meant by the, “do you want to bet” question, which was asked of me when I picked up my package.

After I saw what lay before me, I lost control of my mind and body, as it went into full defensive mode. All of a sudden it was terrified, at the site of what we had to cross. We were stuck in place and I could not move my physical presence, but there was no way that I was going to give up now.  I was just to close to completing my mission.

All of a sudden there was someone there to help. I do not know who it was, but do know that he was offering assistance to get over the hole left by the past occupants.

All of my dealings with the head of this life line and all of his assistants have been clear and straight forward, but I have never been able to see what they look like. I stare right at them, but cannot see them. I look and know they are, but cannot place them into a form that I can see.

We started to generate ideas on how to get across the large chasm. He summoned a few different cranes to try and see if they would reach the other side, but they would not.

He and I were very calm, but my mind and body was terrified, to the point of being stuck in place, but I was not stuck and was moving my carrier through its fear, as I followed my helpers lead. I wish that it was not so scared, but the obstacle created and left by the bad tenants, brought out the possibility that we, my temple and I, may not be able to make it into the “The New Game” and as a result my physical nature was freaking out. We were freaking out, because once again I was losing control of my mind and body.

My mind and body is very powerful and extremely hard to control, especially when riddled with fear. It’s so cute, but strange in a way also. It is the weirdest thing. Every time the temple gets fearful, it literally forgets who I am, which is OK, but when it does that, it not only does not know me, but begins to impersonate me and acting on my behalf. What a journey this has been; life moving non life, to move life; life moving non life to be life.

We looked back at the road we came in on and it was obvious that it was too steep to get the truck back up the hill; we were trapped inside the construction site. When we came in I remember it being very steep, but felt it was the right way to go. I actually never even considered that I may have to turn around.

We chose a crane that could reach, hooked the truck up and jumped in. The height was indescribable. It was higher than I have ever seen or experienced in my whole life and it took all of my desire to be a part of “The New Game” to control my mind and body and move my carrier to climb aboard the construction vehicle, for the ride over to the other side of the construction site, but I did it and moved when I thought I would not be able to.

We got over to the other side and were in a situation that called for us to get out of the truck and go by foot. For some reason, once we were lifted up and carried across, we could not be lowered back down and this troubled me and I began to feel stuck again, but more like trapped.  We had to drop down through this hole, over another very high area and begin to try and climb down.

There were all kinds of obstacles in the way. It was impossible to climb down and my carrier was terrified again; I was terrified. It was not as though we were having trouble taking that last leap of faith; it was as if, the life form that carried us across the hole could not lower us back down or did not want to.

So I went back to where I was and stood alone overlooking a canyon like expanse and began to propose methods to get across on my own. I said, well I could fill it with water and sail across, but had no water and no sail boat. Then it came to me. The hole that was there, that was created by the last occupant, was an excavation into the truth and the truth was transported off site, leaving a huge hole in the space that we needed to travel across.

Then it came to me that the true leap of faith was in Gods Truth which cannot be destroyed or taken off site. This lead me to believe that it was still there and that the past tenants had simply provided the illusion that it was gone. You see I was thinking that I could just fill it with truth, but realized it was right in front of my face and that I just couldn’t see it and that the leap of faith is not a leap at all, but a step onto the truth, which is simply the next step.

This is when my mind and body awoke and I said to myself; I am almost there, stay the course; do not take help from strangers, as they may not bring me to where it is that I want to go to and remember saying; just maintain my carrier so that it moves when I tell it to move and in the direction that I tell it to go, no questions asked.

I can’t go where I want to go, if it won’t take me.

When my mind and body awoke it became aware that I had been on a journey and was able to hold on to this vision for me.

The Bribe

Someone was building a brand new home for us. I was with Celeste, this time and we were both very excited. We were aware that a contractor was going to build us a brand new home. Not just an average home but a spectacular home overlooking the mountains and down to the ocean.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with our present home, other than its current inability to walk on truth, but none the less were very excited at the possibility of an upgrade. We were waiting for word of its completion.

This was the first vision that I was with my life partner. The first journey in this line that took Celeste and Jared into account, as it was clear that this home was for me and Celeste, with space for Jared to stay whenever he wanted to.

We received word that our home was complete. When we arrived there we saw what was prepared for us. It was a huge complex with our home as part of this complex but on the end, like an end unit, but incomplete. It was weird. It was only on the first floor of this structure, but we could see a roof line which was two stories high, but not finished somehow. It was like we had a second story, but did not have any way of getting to it; like it was there, but wasn’t there.

We entered the home and it was really nice. It had a walk out to this large pool which, we obviously would have to share as, there were people everywhere. It was like a resort. It overlooked the mountains and down into the valley and to the ocean and it appeared to be just what we always wanted.

Something was amiss though, not quite right, you know? The new construction that was built for us was not only left incomplete, but one of the main rooms had this large obstruction, that took up most of the room. It was supposed to be our bedroom. On top of that, there was no bedroom for Jared and we couldn’t see the ocean because we either had no second floor or couldn’t get to it.

We expressed our concern and they sent for the owner of the construction company and he was told of the deficiencies in the construction and design.

He came down right away and started to smooth things over as we were not too pleased with what was put together for us. We had been looking forward to the completion of our new home for some time and we were disappointed.

He made us a couple of promises, almost like an upgrade so that we would decide to stay. He said that they would fix the roof, take out the obstruction in our bedroom and best of all give us a second floor, which had the view I wanted. I would be able to see the mountains and the water at the same time, from the same window. I was pretty psyched, although I could tell that the oddities in design and construction were slanted, not quite right and un-repairable.

We agreed to come back. In the meantime he offered to show us around and take us out into the mountain estates. They were placed in the hills and up into the mountains. They were grand and almost castle like, but cold and dark with no one around or at least none out side.

We came upon this one estate and at the base of the highest point of the structure there was a piece of cardboard sitting on the ground and leaning up against the wall. I don’t remember what it said, but I know it was an ominous warning, to get out while we still could. On top of that, the owner of this area lost his temper and was outraged, that someone had warned us and he literally stormed off and left us there.

So now we have a feeling that this home was somehow weird and deficient and a strange message trying to warn us, along with an irate owner showing his true colors. With all of that we still moved on with the tour on our own and disregarded the signs; disregarded the truth, as we so often do, when we see something that we think we want so very badly.

I shrugged the weird, obstacle ridden and incomplete construction off and said “it happens”. I disregarded the ominous warning as, just another disgruntled buyer and I blew off the owner’s tirade as a fluke and went back to the resort portion of the property.

We were late for dinner, which was upstairs at this fancy restaurant. It was once again back into the weirdness, as we were not even aware that we had a set time to eat, but there were late, as I said and were told that we could only have the last two or three courses of the meal that everyone was having, which again was kind of odd.

The thing that finally got our attention was the life forms there. The workers were rude and obviously not nice and on top of that they were talking about us loud enough for us to hear. The life forms eating in the restaurant were exactly the same way. At about the same time Celeste and I realized that we had made a big mistake and we decided to forgo our home with the ocean and mountain view and bail on the whole thing.

This didn’t go to well, as we immediately ended up in this room with this evil beast. It had four legs, horse like, but with the head of some kind of animal that I had never seen and this thing was ripping apart and eating others that had decided to leave. I mean just literally tearing people apart. It was crazy and I knew we were in a bad place.

I was able to keep this beast off of me with a scolding hot iron. It was the ability of my vehicle to walk in truth, to see the truth and deal with the realities of its existence. The truth ended up being the scolding hot iron, which the beast could not overcome.

It is the truth that will fill the hole, left by the past tenant and it is the truth that will keep the beast off of us while we walk across to the other side of the construction site to return the construction vehicle to God, which will complete our mission here.

I awoke and realized that I have an offer on the table from a being and it looks real good from afar, but when I got up us close with my carrier striving to exist in truth, I was able to see clearly and remember; what something looks like has nothing to do with what it actually is.

When my mind and body awoke it became aware that I had been on a journey and was able to hold on to this vision for me.

The Threat

I remembered I was part of a task force, which was poised to demolish an enormous building. The building itself was not very tall, but covered a massive track of land. It was probably around ten stories high but, miles long and wide. We had set up explosive devises at all load bearing supports and the time was set for the demolition.

The order was given and a countdown started. Once the countdown started we were notified that the builders of this structure had tied innocent life forms to the load bearing supports, which meant that in order to bring down this structure, which absolutely had to come down; to create a space for Gods “New Game”, we would have to sacrifice thousands, millions; maybe billions of innocent lives. Not bodies, innocent life; little tiny children, tied to a structure that needs to come down.

At this point, with time still left on the clock, we decided to go back in and risk our own safety, to save as many lives as possible, from the building about to fall. The past tenant, his tenants and his systems are going to be removed one way or the other, either now or later.

We were part of and had already secured a place for ourselves in Gods “New Game”; by going back into this building that was set for demolition, we were potentially giving up our places, in what we have waited so long to be a part of.

We hesitated, but went in anyway and started to try and free the life from the ties that bound them to the current structure. There were thousands maybe millions or billions which needed to be released from their bondage. They were tied so tightly; it seemed as though they were actually hanging on themselves, even after we had unchained them.

We could not save the ones who chose to hang on to the supporting column after we had unchained them. It was very sad as many just wanted to hang on. They were just crippled with fear, like a drowning man grabbing for a life preserver.

The only problem was that they had their arms around a big heavy piece of steel beam and not a life preserver.

We saved who we could and painfully left the rest. It was so sad, so may lives lost, so may worlds destroyed.

When my world awoke it became aware that I had been on a journey and was able to hold on to this vision for me.

The Eviction

It was hard to place the exact details, but went something like this; I was told that the boss wanted to see me. I had not seen any others called in to see the boss, so I was excited and scared. Many emotions were expressed out through my vehicle, but I would say, more nervous than scared, either way I was not concerned about the meeting. I was more concerned about making a good impression.

Celeste asked me what he looked like, but could not tell her, because in all my contacts with these beings, I have not been able to place a recognizable form on them. I could not see him, but know he was there.

Anyway, I changed my clothing and went in to see the boss. It was really exciting. We discussed my paperwork and the plans for my involvement. I was told that all the paperwork had been signed, sealed and delivered. I was also told that the bad tenants, which were supposed to have left of their own free will, but didn’t are now, unlawful occupants, according to universal law.

After our discussion I was guided to an inlet and told to enter. It moved me through space. It was kind of like a portal. It transported me into locations, where beings were located, which were unlawful in there occupancy. These beings were not nice and it was clear that they we not willing to vacate peacefully. That left us no option but extermination. They were given their eviction notice decades ago and have been screwing around down here ever since, trying to hide and place themselves as unreachable.

That was not the case as they were reachable and touchable. I had told God with my deed that I was in and I am. I was there with others and we were all there to hunt down and evict the past tenants.

They were nothing nice though and our battles were horrific. There were body parts flying and we were messing them up real bad. Each party had a choice; extermination, forcibly removed or to leave of their own free will. Once our work was done at each location we were ushered back into the portals and transported off to another location.

When we went in to the portal the second time, it was obvious that we were being manipulated, to invoke confusion, so we would get lost in the maze of this tunnel system. Someone was trying to screw with us and keep us trapped in this system and lost forever.

God kept saving us though, by finding us and getting us back on the right track to our next location. Battles took place and beings definitely died, but others did leave of their own accord, which was nice. I mean, we did not want to end lives.

In the end, after our night was almost over, there was one last big push to trap me, but God found me and pulled me back out. I backed out of the portal with a huge knife right in the back of my head at the base of my skull, but I was alright and God pulled the knife from me.

When my mind and body awoke it became aware that I had been on a journey and was able to hold on to this vision.

James Scott Velozo

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