The Truth is Self Evident

When “I” speak, “I” do so from the heart; whereas the “LIFE” which constitutes “MY”  “form” literally expresses its “self” as a part of the whole entire “PERSON”.

“I” have news for all of the ‘forms”; only a unaware, self-aware robot would ask for proof.

A non-living robot would ask for nothing and accept whatever data was presented and then act upon it. The data would literally be its truth.

A living robot, if it is still unaware of the realities of the physical realm, will take in all data its senses pick up, but will establish values and place them upon the data, in an attempt to reconcile truth, but the attempt is just an attempt, because of their unaware status. In truth, in this scenario, the form will only function and take action upon the data, which it has deemed acceptable, which equates to only accepting data it is comfortable with.

A living robot, in an aware status will begin to see all data as programming, thus negating the effectiveness of those forms ruling the planet. An aware form will just simply know; all “TRUTH” is “SELF” evident and does not need proving. This is the beginning of a path, which will lead the robots from s state of non-being (it), to a state of being (live).

We have to comes to terms with the realities of the physical realm.

Only an unaware, self-aware form would ask for proof and a fully active or awakened “LIFE” line, will not ask for proof, but will just know.

In the beginning, they will not know “TRUTH, but will be able to see right through the programming and will instantly know, what is not truthful and this will be a sign of the birth of a dormant sleeping life line.

“I” have been awake for decades, but crawled into a bottle, because “I” could not handle being the only one, which could see through all the lies.

<GOD> touches “me” now, while “I” am at rest and I wake up with information, which is without proof and easily negated by the unaware, self-aware.

The truth of the entire physical realm is “Man” made. Genesis I describes the evolution of the “LIVING” realm and the “LIVING” men & women. “you” will find “our” creation described in Genesis II and “our” creator, is a later generation of “MAN” at the end of a dying branch of “LIFE”; dying because “They” are trying to secede from <GOD>.

It is NOT; why would <GOD> do this or that or not do this or that, it is “Man” and “I” have an answer as to why “Man” would do this to a family member of  “life”.

Because as “LIFE” moves and expands through evolution and away from <SOURCE>, “They” forget and can only see “Themselves” and the harder “They” try and save “Themselves”, the further “They” get from <GOD>.

“They” created “us”, because “They” perceive the need to survive, above all other families of “LIFE” as an absolute and do not understand <GOD>.

Take a look around at all the tragedy and ask “yourself” why would <GOD> do this and if you are an awakening “form” of “LIFE”, you will know that <GOD> would not do this!

BUT, a later generation of “MAN would.

The morning of the seventh day is upon us.

The problem is “Man”, but we are not “Them”, but “They did certainly make us a part of “Their” mess.

James Scott Velozo

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