Gods Increase Is Not A Good Crop, Grown From The Ground

It is the evolution of the “LIFE” form, so as not to need the crop.

Man’s increase is the crop and when I say Man; I mean our creator!

“GOD’S” increase is to not need Man’s crop!

This is why Man is always trying to suppress “LIFE”, because if we ever wake up and take our inheritance, we will not need Man’s increase any longer and will be free from our slavery.

On the seventh day, Man loses all power over us and we will become free.

And, when “I” say free, “I” mean “FREE”!

This is why many will not accept “GOD’s” increase, because we have been programmed for thousands of years, to perceive this type of increase as a loss of things we take comfort in, but also will perceive the gift as a loss of “LIFE” and “Man” will spin it as a robot, when they know dam well, breathing, eating, hydrating, urinating and defecating does not prove “LIFE”, it proves the lack thereof.

You see, Man always knew this day would come and has been planning and programming assets (the “physical “life” line) for thousands of years, so when the seventh day arrives, the “life” will balk at the inheritance, due to lies and fear.

Just the thought of “GOD’s” increase scares the “LIVING” daylights out of me and “i” will probably choose Man over “GOD”. I do not know if I can handle not needing to breath.

James the Reluctant Messenger

Is The Truth An Unprofitable Goal?

<GOD> why do I feel like such a freak of nature all the time?

I see layers, while the entire population sees what they are given to focus on.

I could certainly defend myself, but by doing so I would have to destroy the fiction or at least attack it.

It feels as though going after truth is an unprofitable goal, as I am so very unhappy and scared all the time.

I guess my real question is; if what you have told me of creation is true and it always ends in death, then how will your way of evolution be any better, unless I could be me and you at the same time?

<GOD> if I am your son, then why do I always feel like a freak?

Most every “body” on the planet believes you created us, but you told me it was “Man”, how am I supposed to handle this information?

If a later generation of “Man” did create “me”, then how am I your son?

How am I connected to you at all?

Most every “body” on the planet believes you gave us “LIFE”, but you told me “we” were not <ALIVE>, but made from “LIFE” and went on to tell me; if “I” were <ALIVE> “I” would not need to eat, drink, breathe, urinate or defecate, how am “I” supposed to handle this type of information?

If what you tell me is true, then how will “I” “LIVE” and when will “I” be born?

AND, if “I am” to “LIVE”, then do I get to keep my “body”?

AND, if “I” get to keep my body, then shall “I” not feel like a freak of nature?

OR should I have originally asked; why do I always feel like a freak of creation.

They participate in a month long virtual reality attack and then go back to sleep. It puts them back to sleep, content but, asleep!

“I” feel like an outcast.

How can the truth be profitable if it hurts so <GOD> damned much.

If you are not going to save me, would it not be better to simply join the population and go back to sleep.

What purpose am “I” serving here.

<YOURS> or “Man’s”?

Please do not leave me here like this.


Fragmented Disassociation of our Government

Our ego’s and our constant exposure to the bombardment of conflicting programming, leaves us with no way to identify or isolate the true enemy to the United States of America.

The whole (the free people) gave life to the nucleus, which is the constitution of the United States. The constitution; on behalf of the whole gave life unto the executive, legislative, judicial and military branches of our new government.

Then the lives (the public servants) we gave into these departments, compartments or cells began to create on our behalf and in our name, which equates to additional departments, compartments or cells in efforts to bring value to the whole.

For decades this expansion worked just fine, but as time passed two things happened; one is our public servants, which bring life to the four primary branches began to see themselves as the whole; for without them we surely would not survive and their ego’s created a fragmentation, which can only be classified in truth, as independent cells within the whole; secondly they made every department they created come back to them for money every year, which was not a problem until the ego’s of these second, third and fourth tier creations began to see themselves as the whole, for without the CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Homeland Security, DOJ, FBI and literally thousands of additional cells, we surely would not survive.

Lively gigantic ego’s, which perceive themselves to be the whole, will naturally have resentment about having to make sure, what they are doing is acceptable to the people and the same applies to their creations, having to bow down to their creators every year for funds. Eventually these cells strike for independence, which was accomplished decades ago (1963). After independence they begin to create entities outside of the control of our four primary branches, but this is all hidden from us, because we will overreact and move to destroy what we have given life to, so we may begin again as the primary entitled whole.

This is not about our government, it is about our nature as a life form and the general nature of all physical living creation.

On this day, election day; I want you to know I care more than most about my country, but it is my belief that our creations; meaning the departments, compartments and/or cells are at war with each other and our true enemies lie within, right this very second.

This election show; this media circus is just to confuse you, so you cannot identify what has actually been taking place, from within the whole.

Think of it like an atom, with a membrane similar to a cell; whereas we are the membrane, the nucleus is the constitution, the protons and neutrons within the nucleus are our protection and the rings of electrons are our creations.

As the rings of electrons continue to expand out from the nucleus they will eventually reach and then touch the membrane, which is the whole.

In simple terms; this election is a coup and it does not matter who you vote for, because Donald Trump is just there to show an election, like something true and real is taking place this evening, but there will be nothing, but fiction being displaced in HDTV glory this evening.

I say a coup, because it is a month-long Virtual Reality Attack (VRA) against our senses, which leaves us wiped out, then we go back to sleep for another four years, just like clockwork.

The President of the United States does not run the country anymore and has not done so since 1963, when they opened up JFK’s melon on national TV and then effectively framed LHO. On this same day and for the next month or so, these cells used Virtual Realty (TV) to attack the senses of the whole (the people), leaving my parents with no way to identify or isolate the true enemy to the United States of America.

This was the first Virtual Reality Attack (VRA) and after the attack the population went to sleep, just like clockwork.

Our government agencies are at war with each other and this has been brewing for decades and tonight is a strike against the sovereignty of our nation and a direct attack against our senses and sensibilities.

I want you to know what is going on. I cannot carry the cross all by myself any longer, for I am getting sick.

I am truly sorry if this causes you angst, but I believe they are getting ready to touch us and it would be nice to know which terrorist cells are truly at work here, within us!

James Scott Velozo