I Wish I Had A Crystal Ball; They Do!

They will hide this crystal ball within the programmed belief of thwarting terrorists, extremists, enemy combatants and nationalist!

The true purpose for mass surveillance is to fill the crystal ball and has very little to do with getting ahead of terrorist acts.

We cannot see the man who created all of us and cannot see the dead men we have created.

We are his crystal ball, but although they try and try, the dead man will never be able to enter this house, so the next best thing to actually taking up residence within, is to know every single detail about us and then attach their creations; their fancy technology, to us!

They have bought our reported government workers and own our governmental bodies and use their technology to spy on us and get us to convince ourselves we are safer as a result of this spying, but it is all a lie!

Mass surveillance is a crystal ball. They own the technology, own our officials, own our departments and agencies and provide the technology and weaponry to our government, through gigantic government contracts and dictate to our officials, as to what to do with this technology.

Just imagine if you had access to a very high percentage of what the population is saying AND a super-duper computer to analyze all data.

Could you not gauge the direction of the general consciousness by the mass of their thoughts, which is written down in social media. We give them that, because we have no freaking idea of what is going on.

Although the crystal ball is full of data, the ball itself is not fully functional without the rest of our thoughts and the thoughts of those who do not give this information away, through social media.

So they spy!

They tell you, they have good reason to do what they are doing and even show you tragedies, which surely could have been averted, but is this what is really going on?

They fill the crystal ball with social media, but this is not enough to accurately see the future. So they fill the rest of it up with our e-mails and our phone conversations and this provides nearly, an entire thought!

Just think about how much money you could make if you could predict the future; how well you could protect yourself and your family.

Just think about how you could position yourself and your family if you could see the future.

This is what our dead entities are doing and why they are doing it and if they can ever figure out how to steal our life from within; like man, then we would be getting pounded from both ends, with no idea of what in the hell is going on.

We have the “LIVE” men and women, which dwell within. They come into the “form” of “life” old, and they leave young.

The “forms” can only see what the five senses pick up and fill in the gaps with the programming, which for the most part they make up.

This is not a good crystal ball. The five senses and the things we make up, as a result of our five senses, fill the ball with fiction; so our crystal ball does not work.

AND we miss the number one lesson of “LIFE”, which is; it is solely about more “LIFE”.

Man knew this long before they came to dwell within (Genesis II) and that is fine, BUT now, our creations (the dead man) also knows.

AND he wants our “LIFE”.

If he can figure out a way to extract our “LIFE” and keep us in place, we will take on the role of the walking dead, but either way, would still have to steal the “LIFE” away from the later generations of Man.

They are not stealing it from “us”, because “we” are giving it away.

It is “our” “LIFE” and once “we” awaken from our dormant status, “we” will claim “our” inheritance and “Man” will be out and we will go from being a “life” battery, to being “LIVE”; a “LIVE” LIFE” line.

Who tells “us” we are only supposed to live for a certain period of time?

Is it <GOD> or is it “Man”?

We have two enemies: man and the dead man and they are both after the virgin life././.

This seems really painful, but this is nothing more than labor pains. We are feeling the pain of our own birth; at least “I AM”.

I look into the crystal ball and see a “LIFE”; a dormant sleeping “LIFE” line, formed and then segregated seven plus billion times over; like being drawn and quartered seven billion times.

It is no wonder, we cannot see the tree of “LIFE”, through the forest of lies!

<GOD> bless the emerging “LIFE” and tell “ME” my name!

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