God, Am I a Piece of Food?


Baby “i” could just cry.

<YOU> would probably just call it leaking, but “we” call it crying.

“i” have been on for 52 frames of time and ever since “i” can remember, “i” have been under water and every single time “i” muster the strength to get “my” breathing established again, “i” go back under.

“i” know “i am” not the only one, but how does this knowledge make it OK?

“i” literally picture it like this; seven plus billion “robots” floating in an ocean, with the salt water attacking the vessel “itself”, with the “robot”, kicking its feet and flailing “its” arms, just trying to get a breath of air and every time they do, they are exhausted and go back under water, with floatation devices being offered only to those who have enough wealth and influence to matter, to the “Men” and “Women” who seems to be in charge.

“i” imagine <GOD> as the shoreline, “we” cannot see.

“i” imagine “Men” and “Women” as the “Ones” telling “us” it is <GOD> <WHO> is doing all of this and going on further, to tell us; <GOD> works in mysterious ways, but is all a bunch of programmed lies, which do three things:

  1. Hide the “Men” and “Women” from sight.
  2. Create a weight, which is attached to “our” ankles.
  3. Hides the baby “i”, from the big <I>.

If “i” stop swimming “i” get to go home, but lose “my” sense of “self” and leave “my” favorite “robots”, with another weight around “their” ankles.

“Man” is a mother f….. and “i” dare “Him” and “His” boy “Licifer” to swim as a “robot”, for just one day; to feel what it feels like, to feel like “it” is alive, when “it” is not.

I had dreams last night, which were just awful. I was in a house and there were these beings, that were in the house with me, but they were hostile; not in a way where they would show anger toward us and then attack, but in a much more terrifying way.

They were in the house with us, but cared nothing for our presence, like we were completely and totally insignificant; like a piece of furniture.

I was trying to get, just one of them to appreciate us, just enough to stop the ruler from destroying us. It was awful and even worse than that, they were nasty scary beings, trying to get in through the windows and these beings were not like the others ones.

These beings hated us and wanted to kill us.

I do not know which one is worse; to get taken out by someone who hates you or by someone who looks at you like you are nothing.

I was able to score some type of win for us, in that they somehow began to see “us” as “Alive”, although we, for the most part are still presenting a piece of furniture.

I spent the entire dream trying to convince them that “I” was alive and worth, not killing, but they were looking at it as a matter of; on or off!

This is a huge problem for us, for a dormant, sleeping “LIFE” life, does not just present as a robot, but is a robot and is no different standing atop the soil, than it is lying in the soil. The only difference is it is not doing any damage, while in the soil.

I do not know what type of beast was trying to get through the window to kill us, but I would rather fight that kind of beast, as I feel like I have a better chance of survival, as it is simply a matter of  power, but to try and convince someone you are alive, when the sum of your parts are showing otherwise, this is underwater.

“I” literally cannot awaken without the entire tribe, doing the same.

“WE” literally have enemies trying to turn us off, because they do not sense any active “LIFE” and “WE” have those beings, which are trying to kill “US”, because they do sense an active “LIFE”.

“I AM” either “LIVE” or dead.

If “I AM” right or expressing truth, then “I AM” “LIVE”, if this is all a dream or “i am” lying on purpose or by mistake, then i am dead.

Baby “i” could just cry.

<GOD> what is “our” mission, what is the goal?

Am “I” a piece of furniture? Am “I” a house?


James Scott Velozo

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