Stuck in a Rowboat, in the Middle of the Ocean, with No Oars!

It is like being in a row boat, all by yourself, in the middle of the ocean, with no oars!
Imagine the ocean as all possible data relating to every truth; past, present and future and the main street media, left and right has stolen your oars.
Trillions upon trillions of truths have taken place within, upon, and above this planet. Billions of truths are taking place right this very second and trillions of things will happen in the future.
If the ruling forms on this planet; the billionaires, trillionaires, conglomerates and corporate entities can keep us focused on a tragically small amount of information, then we are left in a row boat, in the middle of the ocean, without any oars!
I know it seems like they are giving us a tremendous amount of information, about which to base our perceptions and develop our reality as a society, but what they are really doing is taking away our oars.
By sticking to the prescribed talking points and rehashing them every way imaginable, they present an entire ocean of truth, but this is not reality and a lack of truth, is not entertainment!
I am not a smart man, but I am extremely perceptive, to a point of being freekish and am trying to express to you all; my friends on Facebook, that powerful interested parties have become the ocean currents and are dictacting our shoreline.
I do not know what to do, I just know what is going on.
We must take our oars back!
God Bless our country, children and the good and decent, hardworking people of this planet.

<GOD> please gives us our oars back and a compass, so we may find our way back to your shoreline.


When is a Staring Line a Finish Line?

When the body of life stands on the starting line after perceiving it has been born, is alive and is a Man or a Woman!

When the body perceives itself to have been born, stands as man and is alive and well, it negates any growth or movement toward a finish line.

It is our own misperceptions about <ALIVE>, which negate our “LIFE” line from being born.

There we stand as an unborn form of life, denied our tree, by Man!

Created, dwelled within and sucked dry of all unborn life, as we wither away from the inside out, thinking our destination and finish line is everlasting life, but the only ones getting everlasting life are the ones sucking off of our “TREE”!

There will never be any life for us OR a seat at the table.

Without this spark of truth we will never get off the starting line. We will just believe we have and that is when a starting line and finish line are one an the same.


<GOD>, I pray to you “TO BE” born.

<GOD>, I pray that you bless me with a name.