“we” came here, in this “form” to speculate

It is time to do what “we” have come here to do.

To speculate individually about the placement of “LIFE”.

Not the what’s, as they pertain to “our” existence.

Certainly not what is given to “us” by “Man”, but what is given to “ALL”, by <GOD>!


Speculation is “our” primary purpose and what “we” came here to do.

Not as to which commodities will increase or decrease in value, but to ascertain the true commodity.

When we accept what is fed to “our” five senses, “we” have failed <GOD>, <HIS> “SON” and “our” “life” line.

“we” must see “what” needs to be seen, if “we” are to save “ourselves”.


There is no truth in this realm without speculation.

The parameter which states; there is no truth without proof, is a lie.

If “we” wait for, what “we” call proof, “we” will miss “our” opportunity to rise above those who detain “us”.

Under “our” current perspectives and programmed parameters, all “Someone” would have to do is deny the proof and show something else and “our” “life” line goes to sleep.

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