Are We Not Constantly Trying To Prove Living?

“we” grab, pull and yank any “thing” “we” can get our hands on.

“we” fortify our positions and bunker down.

“we” exert our power into efforts toward more security and initiate and maintain preventative measures to assure our “life” will be protected.

“we” terminate or would terminate if “we” had to, those of “us”, which would stand in our way of proving <LIVING>!

“we” engage in sexual intercourse.

“we” extend ourselves through reproduction.

“we” stuff “our” faces and fill “our” bellies.

In truth, “we” gamble, smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs, play sports, hike, paddle, compete and bash each other constantly, all in an effort to feel more <ALIVE>.

“we” knock “ourselves” down and climb on top of the fallen, to try and rise above above our “fellows”.

Every action “we” take is directly related to proof of “LIFE”.

Every thought accepted is done so in an effort to maintain and enhance ones own “life”!

Every thought acted upon is done so in an effort to feel more <ALIVE>!

Every thought contemplated is directly related to proving and protecting the concept of <LIVING>.

BUT have “we” ever considered the obvious?

“we” are not <ALIVE>!

It will be perceived as a blasphemous thought and will be portrayed as an insane concept, but this original thought will literally spark “our” natural birth and place us on the first step to heaven.

Try and prove <ALIVE> without hurting “me” or my family and you will find it impossible to do so, for every example and testament to <LIVING> has been created, maintained and enhanced by a dormant, sleeping “form” of  “life”.

Try and prove <LIVING> and every single thought generated and action taken in this effort will inevitably prove dead.

I mentioned trying to prove <LIVING>, without hurting “me” or my “family”, because that is why Cain terminated Able and why “they” crucified Jesus Christ, for many who walk in ignorance use termination or blunt force as a defining moment, in which “they” walk away claiming <VICTORY>, but all “they” are actually doing is proving “dead”. So do not try and hurt “me” in order to prove “you” are <ALIVE>!

The <LIVING> do not harm the <LIVING> and “LIFE” will not harm “LIFE”!

When is a starting line, a finish line?

When “we” stand on the starting line as alive!

There is a reason why “we” come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing. It is because while “we” are here, “we” do not see “ourselves” as “nothing”.

There are levels of  <LIVING> and layers, upon layers of dead, which is the physical realm.

“we” are one “person”; a dormant sleeping “life” line, formed up into slavery; formed up into the perception of <LIVING>!

It is the perception of <LIVING>; of already having been born, which keeps us dead, for why would a <LIVING> form of “life” promote its “own” birth, if this “life” already thought “it” was <ALIVE>?

Forget about the politicians, wars, chaos, corporations, conglomerates, unions, kings, queens, world war III; forget about all of the pain and suffering and let go of all of the fear AND focus on the only question that really matters!

Can We Prove We Are Alive, Without Proving We Are Dead?

My dreams recently have been mired with family members huddled around a table discussing the enactment of a “do not” resuscitate order.

You see, “we” are not completely dead, but we are most certainly not <ALIVE>!

Dead is the key that unlocks the door to everlasting life; not to make oneself dead, but to see one self as dead!


Try and Understand

Only some “thing” that is dead, would try to hurt or terminate another.

This is done in an attempt to rise above another and is the desperate act of a dead or dying creation.

When I bring the realization of UNBORN to the awareness of the dead, “they” will try to hurt “me”; they will try to terminate me, because they do not yet know “WHO” I am and why “I AM” here.

Try and understand: the reason why “we” pull and grab for dead things, is because we are dead. The reason we hurt and negate others is to attempt to rise above the others, because this is the only way we can figure how to feel more alive.

UNBORN must be brought to the awareness of the population. It has been deemed appropriate and critical for the UNBORN Life to see “itself” in truth, so “we” may choose which path to follow.

Try and understand: the living do not hurt the living. The living do not cage the living and the living would never try to destroy the living, because the <LIVING> needs no “thing” and does not feel as though “it” does.

It is the perception of <LIVING> which negates “our” birth. It is the perception of already being <ALIVE>, which keeps us from pulling fruit from our own tree.

Try and understand: “we” think we are alive, so we are “not”!

Try and understand: there is no <alive> for “us” until we come to the realization that “we” are dead (unborn “life”).

We must see and embrace dead in order to prove “life”, because only the <LIVING> can see the “dead”.

If you hear “my” words and fear overwhelms you and you attack “me” , try to hurt “me” or try to terminate my presence, you will have proven “dead” and may have sealed your own fate, because once you take that stand , it will lock the “form” into a state of perpetual death.

If you say; I choose alive, then you better damned well see and appreciate “our” truth, because there is a reason it is said, that the “TRUTH” will set us free.

This is the truth: it is the perception of <LIVING> which negates living, it is the perception of <LIVING> which negates freedom, it is the perception of <LIVING>, when “we” are not living, which promotes the illusion that we must hurt one anther in order to get ahead or kill one another in an effort to stay <ALIVE>.

Try and understand; all Man had to do was flip the script and “we” are blind and cannot see, that “we” are the <TREE>!

I have been told; just to write, to stop thinking and do not delete any written word even though “i am” scared “i” will hurt you on some level, but “i” have to try to understand that “i” would never hurt “you”, for it would be like terminating an unborn fetus.

What you see around you is not life, it is slavery and death and that is why when “we” turn on the reality TV all “we” see is slavery and death!



Sometimes What Is Plainly Obvious Cannot Be Seen

So “I” will state it so all can see.

Liberals – Luciferian

Conservatives – Christians

Regardless of what the body of “life” may feel “its” religious affiliations may be, “its” action will be the determining factor of “WHO” is ruling the “form”.

I have told you that “we” were created into “form’, pulling “us” away from “our” unborn “life”, by a later generation of the first “MEN & WOMEN”.

They created a membrane; a soul, which cannot be seen by the “forms” and dwell within. They also dwell on the outside and are above “us” and below “us”. They are literally standing all around “us”. I cannot tell you what men and women look like, because “I” have been unable to place a recognizable face to their form, because they are foreign to me.

The main goal is to harvest “our” unborn life, a secondary goal is to harvest the energy we create to sell off to the highest bidders and the third goal, of which some of the men and women hold as primary, is to dominate the “form” and change the <LAW> of the unborn <LIFE>.

They will try to do this through liberal “forms”, but the “forms” have been deceived and the tenets of understanding and acceptance are being used to change the forms in unnatural ways.

In one of the recent superman movies, the forms from Krypton drive a beam, from above and below, through the planetary form of life, so as to change the natural form into a form that will be more inline with their “LIFE” line.

Genesis I men and women are androgynous and their evolutionary veins use us in ways that are unnatural to our <LIFE>. This is where all of the lesbianism, homosexuality and transgender bullshit is being originated. Their end goal is to transform the entire population into an androgynous “form”; to permanently change “us”, so they are no longer breaking “our” <LAWS>.

“we” have to remember where “we” came from and “WHO” “we” are.

“we” have to remember that just because something feels good does not make it proper and acceptable in the “I” of our lost <GOD>.

“I” must tell “you” that “I” do not express “my” <LOVE> for “you” through my tongue, penis or rectum.

This is Man great deception!

These fallen angels get off on what they can get “us” to do, which is contrary to “our” man-made design and even better; to be able to get “us” to act contrary to “our” detached <GOD>; our evolutionary expression.

This is why the lord god (man) almost made “abraham” terminate “his” offspring. It was so he could prove his dominance over the “forms” he created.

If my dreams and my given thoughts are accurate, then would Lucifer’s fruits not be better shown through liberalism?

You asked me how “I” express my <LOVE> and “I” tell “you” that <LIFE> holds the hand of <LIFE> and never let’s go.

The closest an unborn “form” of “life” can get to <LOVE> is to hold the hand of another “form” of “LIFE” and never, ever, let go!

A mouth, penis, vagina, anus and urethra are for one or two things only.

Any other contrary programming would be perpetrated and extended from the mouth of liberals.

If there are any types of acts that “you” as a “form” are being persuaded to do, that “you” as a “form” do not feel comfortable with, it is not because “you” have not been programmed properly; it is because “you” have been.

Inherently been provided with the <LAW>, to such a degree that even though Man has detached “us”, “I” can still feel my <GOD> trying to grab a hold of my hand.

What abraham should have said to “Man” was; go fucking bang your ankles and “he” should have held “his” off springs hand and never let go.

“we” are all walking around this planet “dead”, thinking “we” are <ALIVE>, slaving while entertaining thoughts that it is <GOD’s> way.

Only man would engage in such nastiness and if “you” had the audacity to enslave and control a piece of <GOD>, how would “you” keep the “life” from being “BORN”?

Not by degradation; “They” just do that for fun.

“They” keep “us” from being “BORN” and <LIVING> by programming the form to believe “it” is already alive and to add to the confusion by programming in the belief that “it” is Genesis I Man.

The war of Armageddon is NOT between <GOD> and Lucifer, it is between <GOD> and “Man”.

“we” are yet unborn and undefined and there exists three potential outcomes for the fetus:

  1. Still born and given over to “Man”.
  2. Evolve after we are born – Born of original “LIFE” line and entwined with the good men and women.
  3. Evolve before we are born – Born of a new “LIFE” line and entwined with “CHRIST”.

“I” am not sure “we” have much of a choice about anything, except being a liberal (still born) and given over to man!

This is what i woke up with this morning.

One comma veils the truth –

How would Man control a form –

In short: if what “I” say is true and a later generation of man, made us from and unborn life (robot) and one of these men is Lucifer along the rest of the fallen angels are going to inhabit a created form of life, then which type of forms would they choose to inhabit; a conservative or liberal formed up “LIFE”.


Easter Sunday – Negating The Resurrection

The resurrection of “LIFE”, can only begin at death.

To be dead and then to be alive?

The main catastrophe of our perception of already being alive, is the negating of, the resurrection!

Seeing one self as alive, negates the birth of our life line; which has been and is dormant (DEAD).

Today, in tribute to myself, I will see myself as dead, so that “I” may have a chance to “LIVE”!

It is the thought of already having been born, which denies us our birth; it is the thought of already being alive, which denies us our inheritance!

The Unborn Life