God I Pray To Be Alive

God, “i” have spent decades not really even knowing what to pray for.

Lately “i” have even been thinking of trying to make a deal with Man, but “i” know Lucifer will fuck me over and my family of “life”.

“i” say to “myself”; if “i” have to stay, which “i” know is not true, but if “i” choose to exist in the lies of Man, then “i” should force a better deal for all of “us”, knowing that this realm will always be left to Man to rule over.

“i” have spent a little over a decade trying to feel truth and to ascertain the realities of the <SOUL>.

“i” come up with questions like:

  1. What is a soul?
  2. Is it even my soul?
  3. Is it Man made?
  4. Is it a force of <GOD>?
  5. If it is “mine”, then is it worth trading in?

The beings that have been visiting with me over the last ten years tell me that a soul is a man made membrane, designed to keep the life and time of one form (the “house”), separate from the “Lives” and “Times” of the ones responsible for the re-creation and occupation.

If I am alive as we all would testify to and this is all there is, then it would make sense to cut a better deal, but if “i” am able to cut a better deal with Man, it would still leave “us” as slaves for as long as we are here.

After a decade of establishment; “i” know that “i am” not the life that dwells within; i know that i house more than one life and am able to manage and facilitate more than one time line!

If I did not know any better, I would say that I feel like a time machine!

They told me that time machines exist, but the problem is that they get fried after one trip and can only go back in time, but we can move Man back into his present time, where they will depart from us!

Having taken all of our evolution (our life) and in the process, negating our own birth.

I do not know what to pray for, because I do not know what or who I am or who put me here.

All “i” know is that i do not want to be a slave; do not want to be, not alive and do not want to, not have my own day.

<GOD> “i” approach thee, to politely request my own day, which i am assuming will come with my own life and the freedoms afforded to the other “LIVING” realms.



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