Trying to Prove Living

Are We Not Constantly, Trying To Prove Living?

“we” grab, pull and yank any “thing” “we” can get our hands on.

“we” fortify our positions and bunker down.

“we” exert our power into efforts toward more security and initiate and maintain preventative measures to assure our perception of <LIVING> will be protected.

“we” terminate or would terminate if “we” had to, those of “us”, which would stand in our way of proving <ALIVE>!

“we” engage in sexual intercourse.

“we” extend ourselves through reproduction.

“we” stuff “our” faces and fill “our” bellies.

In truth, “we” gamble, smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs, play sports, hike, paddle, compete and bash each other constantly, all in an effort to feel more <ALIVE>!

“we” knock “ourselves” down and climb on top of the fallen, in an effort to rise above above our “fellows”.

Every action “we” take is directly related to proof of <ALIVE>.

Every thought accepted is done so in an effort to maintain and enhance ones own perception of <LIVING>!

Every thought acted upon is done so in an effort to feel more <ALIVE>!

Every thought contemplated is directly related to proving and protecting the concept of <LIVING>!

BUT have “we” ever considered the obvious?

“we” are not <ALIVE>!

It is a blasphemous thought and will be portrayed as an insane concept, but this original thought will literally spark “our” natural birth and place us on the first step to heaven.

Dead is not the Darkness, Dead is the Light!

Not to make oneself dead, but to see one “self” as dead!

Try to prove <ALIVE> without hurting “me” or my family and you will find it impossible to do so, for every example and testament to <LIVING>, has been created, maintained and enhanced by a dormant, sleeping “form” of  “life”.

Try and prove <LIVING> and every single thought generated and action taken in this effort, will inevitably prove dead!

I mention trying to prove <LIVING>, without hurting “me” or my “family”, because that is what “we” do, when asked to prove <LIVING>. It is why Cain destroyed Able and why “they” crucified the “form” carrying the “LIFE” of Christ.

“we” walk in darkness as alive.

“we” walk in ignorance and use termination, or blunt force as a defining moment, in which “we” walk away claiming <VICTORY>, but all “we” are actually doing is proving “dead”.

The <LIVING> do not harm the <LIVING> and “LIFE” will not harm “LIFE”!

When is a starting line, a finish line?

When “we” stand on the starting line as alive!

There is a reason why “we” come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing. It is because while “we” are here, “we” do not see “ourselves” as “dead”.

There are levels of <LIVING>, and layers upon layers of dead, which Man used to create the physical realm.

“we” are one “person”; a dormant sleeping “life” line, formed up into slavery!

Formed up into the perception of <LIVING>!

It is the perception of <LIVING>; of already having been born, which keeps us dead, for why would a <LIVING> form of “life” promote its “own” birth, if this “life” already thought “it” was <ALIVE>?

Forget about the politicians, media outlets, wars, chaos, corporations, conglomerates, unions, kings, queens, world war III; forget about all of the pain and suffering and let go of all of the fear AND focus on the only question that really matters!

Can We Prove We Are Alive, Without Proving We Are Dead?

Dead is not the Darkness, Dead is the Light!

Dead is the key that unlocks the door to everlasting <LIFE>.

Not to make oneself “dead”, but to see one self as “dead”!

My dreams recently have been mired with family members huddled around a table, discussing the enactment of a “do not” resuscitate order.


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