What Do You Do When Life Refuses to Be Born?

Abort the fetus or cut it out of the host.

I hope I am not the host.

What if someone lied to the fetus or the host by creating an illusory experience in which the fetus and/or host already believes itself to have been born?

I do not know, but I would hope for more time, considering the circumstances.


God, I Do Not Know What You Want Me To Do!

How do you tell a form, whose primary computation is “alive”, that they are not?

How do you tell a form, whose secondary computation is Man, that they are not?

How do you tell a form, which would give its last breathe in defense of a false belief, that they are wrong, without “them’ ripping me to pieces?

How do I tell the formed man, that it was created by the unformed man, without proof?

How to “I” kill the thought of being <ALIVE>, without them short circuiting?

How do “I” kill the thought of them being “MAN”, without them hurting themselves?

How do you bring a dormant sleeping life line to the place of its own birth, when it already is betting its life, that it has already been born?

God, I do not know what you want me to do here, without proof!

“I” do not know how I could possibly convince them, that it is their perception of already being alive, which is stopping them from becoming alive?

Without your blessing!

Without a miracle!

A form recently told “me”, that I am not special enough for you to know me.

But I just know I am.

And as far as I know, I am the only form on this planet asking to be born.

The only one asking to be alive.

The only one asking for a name.

So my primary computation is either special enough for <GOD> to know me or I am clinically insane.