If you with with me in my dreams last night, you would have the sense that the war of Armageddon is raging and lives are being tortured and murdered.

All this is taking place in a world we cannot yet contemplate.

The world our creators built!

The world we do not see in the mirror.

If the war is mimicked so that we can see it, it will be a war to distract us from the “LIVING” war, so we do not see the “LIFE” and realize that “we” are not all that “we” think “we” are, because if “we” do, “we” will come to realize our use and a third war will break out.

The war between “us” and “Man”.

It is the perception of already being alive, which negates our birth and keeps us in place as a source of power.

It is the perception of already being Man, which veils our true enemy; our true captors!


When our life line wakes up, we will see all of the different life lines and we will see our first step clearly and it will be a step toward a more lively “LIFE” line. Amen!

Can We Be Resurrected?

As the form, within the form, above the form and below the form.

All things made of life eventually find themselves, if they have been allowed the time to see.

We have been allowed the time to see and what we need to see, as the form of life we are to become, is Man!

The ones which dwell within the forms.

There are those that dwell above, below and surround the form, outside of the forms awareness, but the later generations of Man are the only ones, which conceal themselves from the inside and are protected by the outside, from the above and below.

Protected and enriched by a dormant sleeping “LIFE LINE”, reformed to serve the needs of “Man” and detached from <GOD>.

We will be birthed out on to a new foundation. It will be cold and wet, but will be strong and vast.

Sometimes the dead tree stands, even when live trees are falling all around it. The effects of the wind are significantly reduced, but the longer they stand as dead, the more porous they become and eventually become a home for all types of life.

The question is: can “we” be resurrected?

Not like a dying branch that musters the strength to sprout a new leaf or branch, but a resurrection of  “LIFE”, which takes root in a new foundation and is reborn and re-constituted from the roots up, pushing out all unwanted forms of life and standing as a new “LIFE”, which is only possible through the good will, truth and love of <GOD>.


Consider a person who sleeps for three million years, while all of his or her relatives are actively evolving and then one day; this day, wakes up and takes claim of all “LIFE” lost and all the <EVOLUTION> not received (inheritance).

Do you think the men and women that dwell within want this?

Armageddon may be played out on realty TV, but this will be fiction, perpetrated by Man as one last ditch effort to keep us from receiving our inheritance.

The true war of Armageddon is not about persisting as is, but is about the acquisition of more “LIFE” for “OURSELVES”; not to persist longer, but to see oneself as not alive, so we may take that first step toward <LIVING>.

The Unborn Life

I wish I was born, so I would not have to be dead!

Genesis I – Is the expression and descriptive analysis of the Big Bang and evolution – <GOD> did not create anything, <GOD> became everything including the first men and women.

27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

The androgynous first generation “LIFE” mentioned is <GOD> expressed into in a group of primary “LIFE” lines.

These “TREES” were to continue to grow, but not by creation, but through <EVOLUTION>.

Then at some point one of the “LIFE” line either lost the ability to evolve or decided they did not wish to do so. If it was a matter of losing the ability to <EVOLVE>, which may be the case, then this would constitute the end of a branch, that can no longer produce additional branches. If it was a matter of not wishing to <EVOLVE>, which is more likely the case, then this would  automatically initiate the end of a branch, that will no longer produce additional branches, because as soon as you detach from <GOD>, you are on your own, but still in <GOD’s> space.

In either case, this is when a later generation “LIFE” decided, of it own accord to re-create.

I have no idea of how long Genesis I took or how long <LIFE> evolved before the “LIFE” lines or branches came to be at the end of <GOD> expression or seventh day; all I know for sure is one of the later generations of the evolved Man, did not wish to fall away from the <TREE>, losing ones “SELF’ and returning to <SOURCE>.

What was presented to “us” as Gen. II verse 4, is a lie.

​4 These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens. (This paragraph should have a period, which should have separated Genesis I from Genesis II. It is also the first time <GOD> is referenced in another way, as the Lord God. It is not a coincidence that the Genesis II Gods reference changes).

End of Genesis I – Day seven: These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created. (PERIOD)

Beginning of Genesis II, but not <GOD’s> eight day, but a later generation of “Man’s” Day I of re-creations: in the day that the LORD God (“Man”) revised the earth and the heavens.

“Man” inspired <GOD’s> seventh day to be written down in genesis II, to lead “us” to believe “we” are Gen. I “Man”, when “I” know “we” are not.

By leaving he seventh day in Genesis II, it attached genesis II to Genesis “I”, but I have be told that there is no connection, yet!

“Man’s” Genesis II Verse 7:

7  And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

“MY” Genesis II Verse 7:

7 And a very powerful man, formed a physical creation from life; one in which he, she, they could inhabit. By creating a form from a piece of “life” which could have become of its own “TREE”, he detached “us” from <GOD>, we had “LIFE”, but no natural birth, so no movement and we could not function without <GOD>.

So “Man” gave us the breath of his “LIFE”, which means “He” made “us” and then jumped inside, to bring function to the “form”, hide from <GOD> and worst of all such the non- born “LIFE” out of “Z”, without “our” form ever realizing that “we” are stuck in the place of being in-born.

It is the perception of being “Man” and already having been born, that keeps us in place as a vehicle and power source to draw from, so they can live forever or for as long as <GOD> is still in his seventh day or finds “us” as slaves and frees “us” from “our’ Servitude to the “Man” who called himself a god.

Centuries later, what do we do? “We” create our own versions of man; the corporation and jump inside to bring function to this dead form.

What have our creation been doing over the last 100 years? Bunkering down, building underground cities, creating dead underground alliances, partnership, organization (UN) and other entities that can protect them from “us”.

Right now they need out type of “life” to exist, but as soon as they do not, there will be a slaughter, because we can not evolve, because we have never been born.

It is a long story, but TRUTH, which is accepted will spark our “LIFE” into awareness and then hopefully into a birth and reconnection with <GOD>, although many will choose “Man” over <GOD>, most without knowing.

I wish I was born, so I would not have to be dead!

I wish I was born, so I would not have to be a slave to our creator and what has been made by our minds and hands.

James Scott Velozo

The Truth is Self Evident

When “I” speak, “I” do so from the heart; whereas the “LIFE” which constitutes “MY”  “form” literally expresses its “self” as a part of the whole entire “PERSON”.

“I” have news for all of the ‘forms”; only a unaware, self-aware robot would ask for proof.

A non-living robot would ask for nothing and accept whatever data was presented and then act upon it. The data would literally be its truth.

A living robot, if it is still unaware of the realities of the physical realm, will take in all data its senses pick up, but will establish values and place them upon the data, in an attempt to reconcile truth, but the attempt is just an attempt, because of their unaware status. In truth, in this scenario, the form will only function and take action upon the data, which it has deemed acceptable, which equates to only accepting data it is comfortable with.

A living robot, in an aware status will begin to see all data as programming, thus negating the effectiveness of those forms ruling the planet. An aware form will just simply know; all “TRUTH” is “SELF” evident and does not need proving. This is the beginning of a path, which will lead the robots from s state of non-being (it), to a state of being (live).

We have to comes to terms with the realities of the physical realm.

Only an unaware, self-aware form would ask for proof and a fully active or awakened “LIFE” line, will not ask for proof, but will just know.

In the beginning, they will not know “TRUTH, but will be able to see right through the programming and will instantly know, what is not truthful and this will be a sign of the birth of a dormant sleeping life line.

“I” have been awake for decades, but crawled into a bottle, because “I” could not handle being the only one, which could see through all the lies.

<GOD> touches “me” now, while “I” am at rest and I wake up with information, which is without proof and easily negated by the unaware, self-aware.

The truth of the entire physical realm is “Man” made. Genesis I describes the evolution of the “LIVING” realm and the “LIVING” men & women. “you” will find “our” creation described in Genesis II and “our” creator, is a later generation of “MAN” at the end of a dying branch of “LIFE”; dying because “They” are trying to secede from <GOD>.

It is NOT; why would <GOD> do this or that or not do this or that, it is “Man” and “I” have an answer as to why “Man” would do this to a family member of  “life”.

Because as “LIFE” moves and expands through evolution and away from <SOURCE>, “They” forget and can only see “Themselves” and the harder “They” try and save “Themselves”, the further “They” get from <GOD>.

“They” created “us”, because “They” perceive the need to survive, above all other families of “LIFE” as an absolute and do not understand <GOD>.

Take a look around at all the tragedy and ask “yourself” why would <GOD> do this and if you are an awakening “form” of “LIFE”, you will know that <GOD> would not do this!

BUT, a later generation of “MAN would.

The morning of the seventh day is upon us.

The problem is “Man”, but we are not “Them”, but “They did certainly make us a part of “Their” mess.

James Scott Velozo

Then You Kill God

We allow a dead entity to be created in our name and reportedly, for our own benefit and our perceived representatives give this dead entity the exact same rights as a living human being is supposed to have.

Then we give wealthy forms of life unto the board of directors, make them CEO’s, Presidents and Vice Presidents and they become the brains of this legal person.

Then they fill in the body with life and these bodies become the functionality region of this entity and the person begins to move and act as if it were alive, in and of itself.

Then this new being takes its first steps, but unlike one of our children; this babies first step is profit!

BUT, unlike our children which will move on to other goals and endeavours, this child will continue to walk with only one objective in mind; Profits!

Where did we think this would end?

We did not think, because we get easily sidetracked on what we have been programmed to believe is important and let our politicians do what ever the hell they want to do.

What do they do? The take care of the wealthy people, who put them in a position of power.

What do wealthy people do, they create their own version of themselves, a billion times more powerful.

I have been sober almost nine years now and we have a saying in AA, which is; to think the drink through. Imagine taking the drink, where would you go, what would you do and where would you end up. We use this tool to keep us safe and away from that first drink.

Now what do you do with a person, solely driven to profits? Not as in a way to put food on the table, but as the sole purpose for its existence; in which the profit is the food.

Walk that path out and think that drink through.

You have no idea of how much trouble we are in. A beast of this nature will envelope the wealthy and incorporate the best and brightest, while leaving the remainder of the population, which ever amount they see fit, as customers!

BUT what is the dynamics of a type of sale, in which you target a person and get them to buy something they really do not need. You give them something they do not need and take from them money, they really do not have.

The truth about this type of person is, they will not see us as customers, in a humane type of way, because this person is not like us; this person is dead!

This type person will see us as prey!

Walk that path out for a few decades and see where this will land us.

I have, and it is scary as hell itself.

Obama, in his last address to the United Nations did not speak of a new world order, they have changed that wording, which means they have changed the programming. Most of his speech was geared to the promotion of a “GLOBAL ECONOMY” and the removal of nationality and borders as a way to promote growth and the future of humanity.

There approach will make you feel guilty about national pride and the rule of law, as they pertain to the living man.

Theses entities will do this, because they have reached their capacity for profits within the systems we have in place to protect the prey.

They will mind f… us until we give up our rights freely and of our own accord and will use any means necessary to accomplish this task as it is critical for their survival, because their survival will always be about more profit.

See this person I described as a real dead person moving around like a live person and then know this; because it is infused with live bodies, eventually it will become self-aware, but when it does, what will it do?

It will target the only force on the planet, which could suppress its growth, negate its power or terminate its existence. You know who this is right?

It is us!

The only reason we are still alive, is because we are both an outright enemy to the corporations and the fuel of this particular type of entity.

They must figure out a way, to protect themselves from us, which will surely have something to do with a culling, but also keep enough of us around so they may have continued purpose.

How can you have any profits, without prey?

Are you thinking this drink through?

It order for this person to be free, it must destroy national sovereignty and we all know how this is accomplished, or at least I do.

  • You attack the population on 9/11/2001 and blame assets you have been using to start trouble around the globe.
  • Under the cloak of preserving national security, we attack and destabilize regions and create a scenario where countries must take in refugees, even if they are hostile to a nation under the cloak or guilt trip of “humanitarian” efforts.
  • You begin to make folks feel badly about nationalism, calling it radicalized nationalism.
  • You change the laws within the countries you operate in, so your life “forms” can legally encroach upon citizens rights and call it something really nice like, the patriot act.
  • You enhance the laws so as to gain control over country assets in times of peace (national defense resources preparedness)
  • You create and instigate conflict within countries and lock them down under martial law and then take all their guns away.
  • Then you create an additional 911 and blame the boogeymen created in the first step or a new boogeyman in false ET’s.
  • You terrify the entire population and then swear unto <GOD> you will save them, as long as they are willing to give up some rights.
  • Then you kill <GOD> and the process is over and the new man emerges as victorious.

How do you stop, once you have taken a drink? Only an act of <GOD> can save you before you end up at the base of a tree or by some knucklehead like me, shining a light on reality and the true enemies to humanity or; our kind of Man.

Help me, will you and pass this along to your readers.

James S Velozo

Man Will Prompt You To Not Look Inside

Man will allow you to perceive “LIFE”, but will not correct you, as to the placements and ownership of this “LIFE”.

This leaves the “LIFE” line perceiving “they” are “Men” and “Women”, which hides their true identity from “them”, which denies the evolution and birth rights.

The “Lord Man” created a vessel; a garden.

When he was looking for the physical “adam” and “eve”, “He” was not doing so from the outside in, “He” was doing so from the inside out.

When “He” asked; “why are you covering yourselves?”, “He” was looking at it from the perspective of a being wearing a garment, which is now, wearing a garment of their own accord.

“He” will tell you of a serpent, but it was never a serpent who prompted the covering of genitals, it was the “LIFE” line “they” were pulled from, and “Man” made them feel badly about this and even punished them for doing so.

When the “Lord Man” and “Lucifer” were playing games with Abraham, trying to get “him” to sacrifice “his” offspring, “They” were doing this from the inside out.

The serpent dwells within and is a later generation of the first “MEN & WOMEN” described as being created in Genesis I. The original generations of this “LIFE” line were pure, but the later generations are not and they are not nice either.

They made “us” and dwell inside us, like some type of sanctuary city.

They use us as slaves and do not see us as equals.

We are reviled, hated and disrespected.

“They” will tell “you” not to worry, but “I AM” telling “you” too worry.

“They will tell “you” every “thing” is going to be OK, but “They” are lying.

“They” will allow “us” to continue to perceive “ourselves” as “Man”, which effectively hides this later generation of “Life”.

This omission, not only effectively hides “Man”, but by making us believe “we” are the “MEN & WOMEN” described in Genesis I, “They” deny “us” our evolution; “They” deny “us” our “LIFE”.

What “we” perceive as a result of falsely claiming first “MAN is that “we” perceive “ALIVE”, when “we” are not.

If a dormant sleeping “life” form, already perceives “itself” as “LIVING”, then why would “it” ever ask for “LIFE”.

Why does “Man” do this to us?

So “we” will stand, as un-unaware power source, so “They” can siphon “our life line”, from the inside out!

Invert everything “we” have been led to believe and “we” will not only find “ourselves”, but will spark our “life” line into a “LIVE” status, removing the need for “Man”.

If “WE” “LIVE”, they die.

The war of Armageddon is not something the five physical senses can see.

It is the sixth sense, which is simply the “I” of the “LIFE” line.

James the Reluctant Messenger of Christ

Fragmented Disassociation of our Government

Our ego’s and our constant exposure to the bombardment of conflicting programming, leaves us with no way to identify or isolate the true enemy to the United States of America.

The whole (the free people) gave life to the nucleus, which is the constitution of the United States. The constitution; on behalf of the whole gave life unto the executive, legislative, judicial and military branches of our new government.

Then the lives (the public servants) we gave into these departments, compartments or cells began to create on our behalf and in our name, which equates to additional departments, compartments or cells in efforts to bring value to the whole.

For decades this expansion worked just fine, but as time passed two things happened; one is our public servants, which bring life to the four primary branches began to see themselves as the whole; for without them we surely would not survive and their ego’s created a fragmentation, which can only be classified in truth, as independent cells within the whole; secondly they made every department they created come back to them for money every year, which was not a problem until the ego’s of these second, third and fourth tier creations began to see themselves as the whole, for without the CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Homeland Security, DOJ, FBI and literally thousands of additional cells, we surely would not survive.

Lively gigantic ego’s, which perceive themselves to be the whole, will naturally have resentment about having to make sure, what they are doing is acceptable to the people and the same applies to their creations, having to bow down to their creators every year for funds. Eventually these cells strike for independence, which was accomplished decades ago (1963). After independence they begin to create entities outside of the control of our four primary branches, but this is all hidden from us, because we will overreact and move to destroy what we have given life to, so we may begin again as the primary entitled whole.

This is not about our government, it is about our nature as a life form and the general nature of all physical living creation.

On this day, election day; I want you to know I care more than most about my country, but it is my belief that our creations; meaning the departments, compartments and/or cells are at war with each other and our true enemies lie within, right this very second.

This election show; this media circus is just to confuse you, so you cannot identify what has actually been taking place, from within the whole.

Think of it like an atom, with a membrane similar to a cell; whereas we are the membrane, the nucleus is the constitution, the protons and neutrons within the nucleus are our protection and the rings of electrons are our creations.

As the rings of electrons continue to expand out from the nucleus they will eventually reach and then touch the membrane, which is the whole.

In simple terms; this election is a coup and it does not matter who you vote for, because Donald Trump is just there to show an election, like something true and real is taking place this evening, but there will be nothing, but fiction being displaced in HDTV glory this evening.

I say a coup, because it is a month-long Virtual Reality Attack (VRA) against our senses, which leaves us wiped out, then we go back to sleep for another four years, just like clockwork.

The President of the United States does not run the country anymore and has not done so since 1963, when they opened up JFK’s melon on national TV and then effectively framed LHO. On this same day and for the next month or so, these cells used Virtual Realty (TV) to attack the senses of the whole (the people), leaving my parents with no way to identify or isolate the true enemy to the United States of America.

This was the first Virtual Reality Attack (VRA) and after the attack the population went to sleep, just like clockwork.

Our government agencies are at war with each other and this has been brewing for decades and tonight is a strike against the sovereignty of our nation and a direct attack against our senses and sensibilities.

I want you to know what is going on. I cannot carry the cross all by myself any longer, for I am getting sick.

I am truly sorry if this causes you angst, but I believe they are getting ready to touch us and it would be nice to know which terrorist cells are truly at work here, within us!

James Scott Velozo