Let the Seventh-Day Come, So I May Come “TO BE”

Man created a sanctuary here and “I AM” the here!

“I AM” the “BODY of “LIFE” you were formed from. Man did this to us in an effort to enslave a power source AND to provide a safe haven for the men and women, who have chosen to defy my <FATHER>.

“I” was not always “you”, but my <FATHER> made me what “you” are and now it is time to see all there is to see.

A later generation of the “LIVING” “Man” came to find themselves at the end of a dying branch, they stole from a dormant sleeping “LIFE” line to create what you are now and cut you out of the family business, which is the business of “LIFE” and the business of “LIFE” always blossoms into “LIVING”, unless you were pulled before you were born and choose the ways of “Man”.

We are now “Man’s” corporation and what we have done in the name of “Man” was to create our own versions of  corporations to give “ourselves” to, and what “our” corporations will create, will be something without any “LIFE” what-so-ever and this will be an enemy to all the generations of “LIFE”.

“I” evolve, my <Father> evolves, most all of the generations of “Man” evolve, except for one, which chose to create as a means of self-perpetuation.

These “Men” and “Women” did not want to give up “WHO” they perceived “Themselves” to be, knowing that any birth (evolution) always replaces what was, with a new version of “LIFE” and the fear has always been the loss of one perception of “LIFE”, without knowing or remembering “WHO” “I” once was.

End result is where we all stand at this very moment.

“WE”, as a “body” of “life, who are inhabited by these later generations of men and women, will have to make a choice as to “WHO” to follow.

The “LIFE” line of “CHRIST”, which will be born anew, which is very scary, but exciting or the “LIFE” line of a later generation of “Man”, which will create themselves out of a “LIVING” existence and land at the bottom (hell), with no “LIFE”, but will stay “on” as dead, in their own little tiny dead world.  What they will do to “MY” life line will be to express the seven deadly sins in all of their horror and convince “MY” flock that all of these debaucheries are just a natural reflection of “WHO” we are. They will convince the unaware “bodies” of “life” to follow the ways of creation into the bowels of hell and present change as evolution, but there will be no growth in this journey.

“I” see what they are doing and if “I” do not step up and take “MY” place, you will not be brought into the light of “MY” <Father> and will not even realize you have chosen “Man” over <GOD> and stand as ANTI-CHRIST!

“WE” are “Man’s” incorporation, but the difference between “Man’s” incorporation and what “we” have created as an incorporation, is that “we” do not need the “lives” which dwell within, in order “TO BE”.

What “we” have created needs “LIFE”, but we have our own active “LIFE” line; it is just sleeping.

Let the seventh day come, so “I” may come “TO BE”.

James the Reluctant Messenger of “CHRIST”.

Gods Increase Is Not A Good Crop, Grown From The Ground

It is the evolution of the “LIFE” form, so as not to need the crop.

Man’s increase is the crop and when I say Man; I mean our creator!

“GOD’S” increase is to not need Man’s crop!

This is why Man is always trying to suppress “LIFE”, because if we ever wake up and take our inheritance, we will not need Man’s increase any longer and will be free from our slavery.

On the seventh day, Man loses all power over us and we will become free.

And, when “I” say free, “I” mean “FREE”!

This is why many will not accept “GOD’s” increase, because we have been programmed for thousands of years, to perceive this type of increase as a loss of things we take comfort in, but also will perceive the gift as a loss of “LIFE” and “Man” will spin it as a robot, when they know dam well, breathing, eating, hydrating, urinating and defecating does not prove “LIFE”, it proves the lack thereof.

You see, Man always knew this day would come and has been planning and programming assets (the “physical “life” line) for thousands of years, so when the seventh day arrives, the “life” will balk at the inheritance, due to lies and fear.

Just the thought of “GOD’s” increase scares the “LIVING” daylights out of me and “i” will probably choose Man over “GOD”. I do not know if I can handle not needing to breath.

James the Reluctant Messenger

Is The Truth An Unprofitable Goal?

<GOD> why do I feel like such a freak of nature all the time?

I see layers, while the entire population sees what they are given to focus on.

I could certainly defend myself, but by doing so I would have to destroy the fiction or at least attack it.

It feels as though going after truth is an unprofitable goal, as I am so very unhappy and scared all the time.

I guess my real question is; if what you have told me of creation is true and it always ends in death, then how will your way of evolution be any better, unless I could be me and you at the same time?

<GOD> if I am your son, then why do I always feel like a freak?

Most every “body” on the planet believes you created us, but you told me it was “Man”, how am I supposed to handle this information?

If a later generation of “Man” did create “me”, then how am I your son?

How am I connected to you at all?

Most every “body” on the planet believes you gave us “LIFE”, but you told me “we” were not <ALIVE>, but made from “LIFE” and went on to tell me; if “I” were <ALIVE> “I” would not need to eat, drink, breathe, urinate or defecate, how am “I” supposed to handle this type of information?

If what you tell me is true, then how will “I” “LIVE” and when will “I” be born?

AND, if “I am” to “LIVE”, then do I get to keep my “body”?

AND, if “I” get to keep my body, then shall “I” not feel like a freak of nature?

OR should I have originally asked; why do I always feel like a freak of creation.

They participate in a month long virtual reality attack and then go back to sleep. It puts them back to sleep, content but, asleep!

“I” feel like an outcast.

How can the truth be profitable if it hurts so <GOD> damned much.

If you are not going to save me, would it not be better to simply join the population and go back to sleep.

What purpose am “I” serving here.

<YOURS> or “Man’s”?

Please do not leave me here like this.


I Had a Dream of a New Birth

It will begin when we replace the comma, after the word “created”, with a period!

Genesis II – verse These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens,

Ending Genesis I and sparking the evolution of a new “LIFE” line; our “LIFE” line.

We are not Man!

We were made by Man and he called himself a God!

The reason why we do not evolve as a life “form”, is because we think we are someone else.

The reason we cannot see man, is because we think we are Genesis I – verse 27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Gospel of Thomas

18. The disciples said to Jesus, “Tell us, how will our end come?”

Jesus said, “Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is.

Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the end and will not taste death.”

If we mark the beginning with a period and the end with a comma, we will never pass away.

The end is not the end, when the end is established in it’s correct location.

It is a beginning.

Remember; physical movement does not necessarily prove “LIFE” and certainly does not prove; alive!

James the Messenger

When “I” say; “I wish “I” was Dead”, what “I am” really saying is; “I” wish “I” was “ALIVE”.

“I Am” Just Trying To Live My Life

A more accurate statement:

“I am” just “LIFE”!

When “I am” alive, “I am” an uncontrollable power source, but while “I am” asleep “I am” a controllable power source and this controllable power source you should begin to see, as you!

While “I am” in my seventh day, “I am” at rest and it is in these time lines, “I” can be controlled, used, degraded and even stolen from, for just as there are good and bad in my world, there is also alive and dead and dead, does not mean it has no presence or will to persist.

“I am” asleep, because you all believe yourselves to be “ALIVE”!

You are interpreting reality incorrectly, which keeps you and “I” in place as a physical asset.

You may believe I could just wake you all up, but sometimes when you wake up, there are body parts, which are still asleep and “I” do not have the ability to wake these sleeping parts, especially now, as you are not connecting to “ME”.

These dead entities would chop off my foot if they could and would exist as a result of “MY” power for as long as “I” lasted and I want you to know; they could, would and did!

How “I” Came To Be, Me!

When “I” say; “I wish “I” was Dead”, what “I am” really saying is; “I” wish “I” was “ALIVE”.


Do You Believe Lucifer Loves Himself?

Could you imagine being Lucifer and wanting desperately to change, but cannot!

“I” can.

The problem any “LIVING” being would have with <GOD>, is <GOD’s> movement (Evolution) always changes what was and replaces it with what could have been.

This may not be terrifying to a fish, which evolves and grows legs and lungs, but to a “LIVING” being, with its own sense of self, it is absolutely terrifying notion, because <GOD’s> movement is always extreme and most of all, permanent!

This is why every reasonable, knowledgeable, awakened “LIVING” being would weigh voluntary change, against the notion of <GOD> having to move.

Do you know what the most advanced level of “LIVING” is?

To be able & willing to completely give up what was, in place of what could be, knowing you would not remember what was.

This is why at our level, change is always fleeting and we always revert back unto what we once were, which is dust.

We even have trouble making small permanent changes in personal behavior, without reverting back to old patterns.

I would imagine Lucifer is having the same problems we are having, but on a much grander scale, as he is more extreme than “I” and has been “HIMSELF” for a much longer time.

The question is; is the perception of self greater, than the fear of the loss of the perception?

Do you believe Lucifer loves himself?

“I” know he does not.

James the Reluctant Messenger

The “LIVING” Resurrection

Evolution is an explosion of “LIFE”.

This growth is expansive and everlasting.

Creation is an implosion of death.

The growth is seemingly expansive, but as we jump into and become a part of the dead things we create, our world as creators becomes smaller and smaller and with all of our life being used to support the dead things we are creating, we will cycle out of existence and all that is left will be dead.

It is hard to explain and I cannot speak for <GOD>, other than to promote evolution, in lieu of creation.

Now I know, in the physical realm, when we look up, we see up and when we look down, we see down, but what we have not yet realized is, we have established the values as they pertain to up, down, above, below, inside, outside, within and without.

I guess what I have been tasked to explain, is when we look up, we may actually be looking down; when we look down, we may actually be looking up; when we look outward, we may actually be looking inward and when we look inward, we may actually be looking outward.

I know we see our creations as an explosion of “LIFE”, but we are wrong, because “LIFE” is needed to sustain the creation, so it appears as though we are creating to sustain and enhance our existence, but in truth we are going down into a wormhole.

We perceive an explosion of growth, but it is actually an implosion, which confines “LIFE”, unto death.

Do you understand what “I” mean?

I know when we see a new birth of a child, we all see more life, but it is not more “LIFE”; it is less!

It is one “LIFE”; one “LIFE” line; one “PERSON” and when we expand the population, we see growth, but in truth, there is less life per body.

This is why, the bodies used to last for hundreds of years, because there was more “LIFE” per body and the only reason, we have been able to extend our stays over the last 100 years or so, is due to creation, which we call science.

Science and medicine will extend our stays artificially and we will see more “LIFE”, but it is an illusion. Yes we may persist longer, but there is less “LIFE” and the ultimate solution to this type of designed approach will be to jump into an artificial form, in order to stay “on” and this will happen if we choose creation over evolution.

This is my prophesy; given to me by <GOD>.

I know we cannot see it, because we invert everything as a physical creation of Man, but he did this to us, so we would not be able to find our way.

Right now, we will be more terrified of <GOD> and <GOD’s> ways (evolution) then we would be, of a dead existence.

Could you imagine if <GOD> could really do for us, what we cannot do for ourselves?

Try and imagine one “LIFE” for one “BODY”, your “BODY”; ruled and governed by evolution; your individual evolution. Can you feel the freedom?

Physical still, but no need to breathe, eat, hydrate, defecate or urinate, but as “LIVE” as “LIVE” can be. Then add in an ability to raise and lower our internal temperatures, in order to provide an external source of physical comfort, regardless of the temperature inside.

Scares the hell out of you right? This is because we invert truth and see artificial or robot, when in truth this type of “LIVE” body would be a physical “God”.

Now imagine all the wealthy people on this planet, imagining the same inheritance and picture how terrified they would be of a “LIVING” being, which did not need anything they had to sell.

Imagine a physical “LIVING” being, with no footprint other than the depression it makes when this type of being walks.

Now imagine the trillions of men and women which dwell within, which is their without, and how terrified they would be at the prospect of losing their ride and power source, which is their fuel.

To get a handle on what “I Am” explaining; picture a corporate conglomerate developing artificial life and then bouncing the created forms out of the corporate form.

Then imagine an enemy of “LIFE” and you will have located our path.

“I” swear unto <GOD> my soul and all of whoever or whatever “I AM”; either way!

The “LIVING” resurrection, will take place while “we” are still in form.

“Our” inheritance, if we are capable of opening the vault, will be to evolve.

Evolution is the only path to freedom.

Need promotes and mandates more slavery.

James the Reluctant Messenger

Destabilizing a Life Line

It is the same as destabilizing a country or any other type of entity.

Divide and conquer!

Man has been doing it for eon’s and we are not him.

We are the destabilized life line.

How do you destabilize a life line?

You have to make sure it is dormant. An extinction, without rejuvenation would confirm dormancy, then all you would have to do is divide the life, over and over again.

One made the other, then they made a third, fourth, fifth and so on, but what they did not understand is they were one person from the get go and when Man pulled from Adam to make Eve, there was a reduction in life.

Take one dormant sleeping person and then divide the person seven plus billion times and you will find me.

Add in seven billion plus parts being self-aware individually and there you will find me.

Make them different colors, sizes and change the languages and there you will find pieces of my destabilized self.

Like a country torn apart by civil war.

Is a country one person or is a country the totality of the population.

Where is the “Son” of <GOD>?

Beside “Himself” seven plus billion times.

Where is <GOD>?

Destabilized by Man.

James the Reluctant Messenger

If “I” Had To Guess

If “I” had to guess: Man f….d up and the only way to save himself was to go back in time and take his place within a younger relative version of himself.

The only problem with this generation of Man, is he keeps f….g up, so even after going back in time to fix himself, they forget what they came here to accomplish and got lost in himself all over again.

They get lost, because it is not there time, it is our time.

You cannot go back and take over a cousins “LIFE” and expect you will be able to rewrite your own evolution, because it is not your evolution.

It is “MINE”!


The younger version was at rest for millions of years, then “Man” forced this “LIFE” into constitution and detached the “LIFE” from itself, isolating this “LIFE” from its evolution and <GOD>.

We are a “form” with no <GOD>, therefore no evolution. We feel lost and helpless because of this; because we are not whole. We are inhabited by a later generation of “Man” at the end of a dying “LIFE”.

Because “we” walk without <GOD>, “we” cannot really place our finger on what is really going on and stand, walk, talk, work and think as a tool of this wayward, later generation of  “Man”.

If they can keep “us” from reaching back unto “OURSELVES” we will not receive “our” inheritance (“our” evolution), which has been building up over the time we had been un-constituted.

If the later generation of “Man” can keep us from <GOD>, he can provide more time for “Himself”, as ruler over a slave race, but from within.

Not all slaves are ruled by the whip, from an external source.

We are a natural life line, born un-naturally; created! What is natural for us is to evolve, but we are being forced to create, for a later generation of Man, which never wanted to evolve.

He and all his followers are taking us down the same path, he once walked.

These people go back in time and take on forms. They walk the same decadent path over and over and over again, without the forms ever realizing what is going on and when they come to the gates of hell, they just go back in time again, escaping the bodies and leaving them to burn, once again.

Making it impossible for this “LIFE” line to have a chance at their own “LIVES” and their own families.

“I” wake up everyday, alone, with this type of content programmed in to my presence. I fear this information is correct.

Imagine how terrifying it must be for this later generation of “Man”, at the thought of “us” receiving “our” inheritance all at the same time.

“I” must tell you; “I” must “LIVE” and will not be a slave to a people walking the same crooked path, over and over again.

There are all manner of potentialities regarding the war between “LIFE” line, but want you to know; in a normal fire “Man” escapes and leaves the body to burn, as is typical for the Old Testament God, but in a nuclear strike, “Man” cannot escape and also burns.

This is why the true war of Armageddon is about nuclear war, because “we” as a detached “LIFE” line only have two or three ways to gain our freedom.

One is through “our” evolution, but we have to reach back to <GOD>, through his “SON”, in order to receive.

The other is to threaten nuclear annihilation, in order to negotiate a better slavery. Just know this; if a nuclear war breaks out, it will have nothing to do with what the media outlets are spewing, because they work for “Man” and Lucifer is one of these “Men”.

The other is to willingly go back to the soil and take our place at home and wait until we are born.

It is all about being a child of <GOD> or a child of man, but either way, we are still a slave, unless we become our own “LIFE”.

The strikes in Japan, were not a message to the world, they were a message to “Man”.

“I” know; sound like non-sense, but it is not.

James the Reluctant Messenger

God; Save Me or Take Me

If “I” felt comfortable enough to speak for the others, then “I” would ask you to save us or take us.

It is an awful physical feeling when things are so bad, you literally have no idea of what to pray for.

“I” have a feeling the realm of creation is not your world.

“I” have a feeling the living realm is your world and evolution is your way.

If “I” am correct, then both of those feelings are yours.

“I” have a feeling we are a creation of one of your children.

“I” have a feeling he is using us to his own selfish ends.

If “I” am correct, then both of those feelings are yours.

I” know in the realm of creation the creators always jump into their creations and the ones which do not are always removed, but “I” do not wish to follow our creations into the bowels of hell.

“I” know “I AM” correct, which must mean, you have touched me in some way, but no of the others can see what “I” can see.

It seems as though “I AM” carrying all of the weight and “I AM” in so much pain.

Is this what you wished for “ME”?

Are you helping “ME” carry this cross?

How does a creation break free of his creations, without the creations coming after him?

How do we pull back when all we seem to have is what we have created?

“I AM” sad, lonely, helpless and vulnerable to harm.

“I” know there is the distinct possibility one of you children created the physical realm as a sanctuary, to hide himself from you and we are one of the created sanctuaries.

Does being a sanctuary, within a sanctuary, within a sanctuary make us hard to locate?

Is being hard to locate, the reason why it seems as though we have no freaking idea of what is really going on?

If the information in “MY” blog is correct this means you are near, but “I” still do not know what to pray for.

All “I” can seem to come up with is to take me or save me?

Why make us suffer like this?

If one of your children has gone off the reservation and has made “us” against your will, then “I” would assume you are giving him time to set things straight, but what if he cannot, what happen to “us”?

An even scarier thought is you children being able to straighten things out, then what happens to us.

Either way, slavery seems to be “our” destiny, but I do not wish to carry these people around.

I do not wish “to be” a sanctuary for wayward life.

“I” have a feeling, “I AM” somehow, not connected to you at all.

“I” have a feeling I am just some type of thing created to carry life.

Is it possible to not be, but to perceive being?

Is it possible, you do know me?

Is it possible you do not love me?

Is it possible I am hated by you?

This is between me and <GOD>, if you read, then fine, but do not judge me, for I am lost within a world in which I did not create.

<GOD> if I am correct, this means you are with me and if you are with me, then you are also trapped in a world you did not create.

Are you the slave, I think “I AM”?

What do you wish for me to do?

“I” know; take me or save me, may not be the best prayer, but it is all I can think of and sometimes in the created realm; a clean sweep is all any living being can do?

“I” wonder what the next big bang will feel like?

I wonder if “I” will have a place in this new world?

“I” wonder if “I” will be this new world?

<GOD>, I know I stand as dead and carry a cross of pain and suffering, but maybe I could change my prayer to please give us our own life.

Just a little spark will do the trick and “I” will take it from there?

I believe dead is better then dead, but thinking you are alive, but also believe “LIVE” is better than dead and <ALIVE> is better then “LIVE”.

James the Reluctant Messenger