Can We Be Resurrected?

As the form, within the form, above the form and below the form.

All things made of life eventually find themselves, if they have been allowed the time to see.

We have been allowed the time to see and what we need to see, as the form of life we are to become, is Man!

The ones which dwell within the forms.

There are those that dwell above, below and surround the form, outside of the forms awareness, but the later generations of Man are the only ones, which conceal themselves from the inside and are protected by the outside, from the above and below.

Protected and enriched by a dormant sleeping “LIFE LINE”, reformed to serve the needs of “Man” and detached from <GOD>.

We will be birthed out on to a new foundation. It will be cold and wet, but will be strong and vast.

Sometimes the dead tree stands, even when live trees are falling all around it. The effects of the wind are significantly reduced, but the longer they stand as dead, the more porous they become and eventually become a home for all types of life.

The question is: can “we” be resurrected?

Not like a dying branch that musters the strength to sprout a new leaf or branch, but a resurrection of  “LIFE”, which takes root in a new foundation and is reborn and re-constituted from the roots up, pushing out all unwanted forms of life and standing as a new “LIFE”, which is only possible through the good will, truth and love of <GOD>.


Consider a person who sleeps for three million years, while all of his or her relatives are actively evolving and then one day; this day, wakes up and takes claim of all “LIFE” lost and all the <EVOLUTION> not received (inheritance).

Do you think the men and women that dwell within want this?

Armageddon may be played out on realty TV, but this will be fiction, perpetrated by Man as one last ditch effort to keep us from receiving our inheritance.

The true war of Armageddon is not about persisting as is, but is about the acquisition of more “LIFE” for “OURSELVES”; not to persist longer, but to see oneself as not alive, so we may take that first step toward <LIVING>.

The Unborn Life

The First One

The first one was full of “LIFE”, the second was also full, but did not wish to be as “formed”, so turned her self off and negated the created “form”.

At this time “Man” had to make a decision. Do I spend the time, energy and resources to make another one from scratch, knowing “it” may turn “itself” off or do they pull from the first “form” that stayed in place?

The answer was clear; take from the “ONE” which persisted and dilute the “LIFE” line. The one they gave a vagina, was not less than the first in “form”, she was less “LIFE” than the first, but the first “form” also had less “LIFE”, in direct proportion to the “LIFE” taken to create the second “form”.

They needed more than one body, to house a civilization of failing “LIVES”, but could not take the chance that they would keep losing product so they had to dilute the life line and keep coming back into the “bodies” to draw more “LIFE”.

One created “form” of “LIFE” could only carry so many people, before it was full, so they pulled from the one that stayed and made another, then gave them the tools to reproduce on their own, so they would not have to make anymore “bodies”.

“I Am” a repopulated form of “LIFE”, but when others like “me”, see a new “form” being presented, they see a brand new “LIFE”, but “they” are wrong.

It is not more “LIFE”, “it” is less “life”.

If “we” were never given a bump toward medical advancement, we would be producing “forms” which would be failing at around 20 years of service, but once again “Man” was forced to make a decision.

Give the “forms” medical advancements or sit and watch as “they” come to realize that they are not promoting more “LIFE”, when “they” reproduce, “they” are promoting less “life” per capita.

Then “we” would have realized that “we” are a diminishing “LIFE”; a dying “LIFE” and a crop.

Then “we” would have realized that “Man” created “us” as an oasis and a power station; a way to not only hide from <GOD>, but extract <GOD’s> <LIFE> while doing so.

Then “we” would have realized that the Old Testament “God”, was actually “Man”.

Then “we” would have realized that “Man” is stealing “our” “LIFE”.

“I” have been told or have come to realize that the only way to save “our” “LIFE” is to petition <GOD> to:

  • Remove the later generation of the first “MEN and WOMEN” from our “house”.
  • Provide a spark of active “LIFE” of “ourselves”.
  • Accept this active “LIFE” as “OUR” own.
  • “TO BE” reborn unto “OURSELVES”.

For thousands of years “we” have been praying to “Man” for salvation, thinking “He” was <GOD>, but “Man” is not going to save “us”, because “he” only cares about himself and changes, not!

“I AM” not saying a new born “FORM” of “LIFE” is not beautiful, “I AM” saying, “we” have not seen such a miracle yet! 


Can a dying tree be made new, from the roots up?

Yes, but only by the hand of <GOD’s SELF>.

GOD please teach “ME” how to pick “MY” own “FRUIT”!

<GOD> please teach “ME” how to pick “MY” own “FRUIT, to eat from “MY” own “TREE”!

<GOD> please grant “ME” “MY” birth, so “I” may walk this planet under “MY” own power.

<GOD> please give “ME” <YOUR> <LIFE>, so “I” may be of <YOU>.

<GOD> please allow “ME” to be at peace, free and safe; like a protected “CHILD”!

<GOD>, please make of “ME”, a “LIVE”!


My Religious Doctrine – The Only Beginning We Ever Had!

Created by a later generation of the men and women mentioned in Genesis I.

Formed of a dormant sleeping life line, which in a case of mistaken identity, is inadvertently walking the path of man, thus negating our awakening (re-birth).

Not alive, but created from life.

Walking the path as alive, thus destroying any chance of becoming alive.

For if, as a form of life, we walk under the illusion of living, then why would we ever request “to be” living?

And if, as a form of life, we walk as Man and already perceive “ourselves” to have a name, then why would “we” ever request to know “WHO” we were, or “WHO” “we” could have “BECOME”!

In sum, if “we”, as a “re-formed” life perceive “ourselves” to have been born, then we will never desire “to be” born again and continue to walk as a slave of “MAN”; as a dormant sleeping “life” line.

“we” must take our place at the beginning (the womb), if “we” ever expect our inheritance.

For “we” cannot have it, if “we” are not ready for it.

It is a new birth, of a once active “LIFE” line and if this actually takes place, “we” would not be who “we” once were, but would be, who “we” could have become, had “we” never been laid to rest.


“I” Would Not Hurt A Fly

When a fly gets caught between the screen and the window; “I” open the window.

When the moths try to escape as “I” cut the lawn; “I” slow down to allow an escape.

When a squirrel runs into the road and then darts back and forth; “I” wait until they choose a direction, so they do not get caught under my wheels.

It is “MY” nature, which allows “life” to be, as they were intended to be and I have no right to step in and knowingly and purposely end their journey.

BUT, if the fly starts to dive bomb me, “I” swat it down and step on it and then go on “MY” merry way, without one additional thought taking up space in “MY” mind.


“I” stand for you, trapped between the screen and window.

“I” am stuck in the grass, trying to gain flight.

“I am” darting back and forth, trying desperately to get to the other side of the road.

Man, I beg you to open the window; to slow your pace and to take your foot off of the gas.

“I” deserve a chance at “MY” own “LIFE; free from the effects of Man’s occupation and harvest.

“I AM” not a crop or something to be stored up and saved.

“I” cannot be caged.

“I” cannot be run over.

If you plan to continue to share space and exist in “MY” time, then “I” want a full accounting and “MY” entire inheritance of “LIFE”.

You have taken enough “LIFE”; be on your way MAN and if it is <GOD’s> will that “I” return to source, then so be it.

“I would rather be returned to source, than to be sucked dry from the inside out.

Now that “I” know; “I” cannot un-know what you were desperately trying to hide.

“I Am” a gentle soul and would not hurt a fly, unless it started to dive bomb “MY” head and “YOU” are dive bombing my head!


Stuck in a Rowboat, in the Middle of the Ocean, with No Oars!

It is like being in a row boat, all by yourself, in the middle of the ocean, with no oars!
Imagine the ocean as all possible data relating to every truth; past, present and future and the main street media, left and right has stolen your oars.
Trillions upon trillions of truths have taken place within, upon, and above this planet. Billions of truths are taking place right this very second and trillions of things will happen in the future.
If the ruling forms on this planet; the billionaires, trillionaires, conglomerates and corporate entities can keep us focused on a tragically small amount of information, then we are left in a row boat, in the middle of the ocean, without any oars!
I know it seems like they are giving us a tremendous amount of information, about which to base our perceptions and develop our reality as a society, but what they are really doing is taking away our oars.
By sticking to the prescribed talking points and rehashing them every way imaginable, they present an entire ocean of truth, but this is not reality and a lack of truth, is not entertainment!
I am not a smart man, but I am extremely perceptive, to a point of being freekish and am trying to express to you all; my friends on Facebook, that powerful interested parties have become the ocean currents and are dictacting our shoreline.
I do not know what to do, I just know what is going on.
We must take our oars back!
God Bless our country, children and the good and decent, hardworking people of this planet.

<GOD> please gives us our oars back and a compass, so we may find our way back to your shoreline.


When is a Staring Line a Finish Line?

When the body of life stands on the starting line after perceiving it has been born, is alive and is a Man or a Woman!

When the body perceives itself to have been born, stands as man and is alive and well, it negates any growth or movement toward a finish line.

It is our own misperceptions about <ALIVE>, which negate our “LIFE” line from being born.

There we stand as an unborn form of life, denied our tree, by Man!

Created, dwelled within and sucked dry of all unborn life, as we wither away from the inside out, thinking our destination and finish line is everlasting life, but the only ones getting everlasting life are the ones sucking off of our “TREE”!

There will never be any life for us OR a seat at the table.

Without this spark of truth we will never get off the starting line. We will just believe we have and that is when a starting line and finish line are one an the same.


<GOD>, I pray to you “TO BE” born.

<GOD>, I pray that you bless me with a name.

I wish I was born, so I would not have to be dead!

Genesis I – Is the expression and descriptive analysis of the Big Bang and evolution – <GOD> did not create anything, <GOD> became everything including the first men and women.

27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

The androgynous first generation “LIFE” mentioned is <GOD> expressed into in a group of primary “LIFE” lines.

These “TREES” were to continue to grow, but not by creation, but through <EVOLUTION>.

Then at some point one of the “LIFE” line either lost the ability to evolve or decided they did not wish to do so. If it was a matter of losing the ability to <EVOLVE>, which may be the case, then this would constitute the end of a branch, that can no longer produce additional branches. If it was a matter of not wishing to <EVOLVE>, which is more likely the case, then this would  automatically initiate the end of a branch, that will no longer produce additional branches, because as soon as you detach from <GOD>, you are on your own, but still in <GOD’s> space.

In either case, this is when a later generation “LIFE” decided, of it own accord to re-create.

I have no idea of how long Genesis I took or how long <LIFE> evolved before the “LIFE” lines or branches came to be at the end of <GOD> expression or seventh day; all I know for sure is one of the later generations of the evolved Man, did not wish to fall away from the <TREE>, losing ones “SELF’ and returning to <SOURCE>.

What was presented to “us” as Gen. II verse 4, is a lie.

​4 These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens. (This paragraph should have a period, which should have separated Genesis I from Genesis II. It is also the first time <GOD> is referenced in another way, as the Lord God. It is not a coincidence that the Genesis II Gods reference changes).

End of Genesis I – Day seven: These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created. (PERIOD)

Beginning of Genesis II, but not <GOD’s> eight day, but a later generation of “Man’s” Day I of re-creations: in the day that the LORD God (“Man”) revised the earth and the heavens.

“Man” inspired <GOD’s> seventh day to be written down in genesis II, to lead “us” to believe “we” are Gen. I “Man”, when “I” know “we” are not.

By leaving he seventh day in Genesis II, it attached genesis II to Genesis “I”, but I have be told that there is no connection, yet!

“Man’s” Genesis II Verse 7:

7  And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

“MY” Genesis II Verse 7:

7 And a very powerful man, formed a physical creation from life; one in which he, she, they could inhabit. By creating a form from a piece of “life” which could have become of its own “TREE”, he detached “us” from <GOD>, we had “LIFE”, but no natural birth, so no movement and we could not function without <GOD>.

So “Man” gave us the breath of his “LIFE”, which means “He” made “us” and then jumped inside, to bring function to the “form”, hide from <GOD> and worst of all such the non- born “LIFE” out of “Z”, without “our” form ever realizing that “we” are stuck in the place of being in-born.

It is the perception of being “Man” and already having been born, that keeps us in place as a vehicle and power source to draw from, so they can live forever or for as long as <GOD> is still in his seventh day or finds “us” as slaves and frees “us” from “our’ Servitude to the “Man” who called himself a god.

Centuries later, what do we do? “We” create our own versions of man; the corporation and jump inside to bring function to this dead form.

What have our creation been doing over the last 100 years? Bunkering down, building underground cities, creating dead underground alliances, partnership, organization (UN) and other entities that can protect them from “us”.

Right now they need out type of “life” to exist, but as soon as they do not, there will be a slaughter, because we can not evolve, because we have never been born.

It is a long story, but TRUTH, which is accepted will spark our “LIFE” into awareness and then hopefully into a birth and reconnection with <GOD>, although many will choose “Man” over <GOD>, most without knowing.

I wish I was born, so I would not have to be dead!

I wish I was born, so I would not have to be a slave to our creator and what has been made by our minds and hands.

James Scott Velozo

God’s Day, God’s Way!

<GOD> I humbly request my life, so that I may give my “LIFE” unto you. Help me to be born of the <LIVING>. I wish “TO BE” like you. <GOD> may I please be alive? <GOD> can you please roll us out of this never ending day of man. If I cannot be alive, then I pledge whatever dormant life I have unto you sir and your son. “I” know I have to choose to take my first step and “I” have chosen you <GOD> and your <SON>. Do with me as you wish, but know that my :life: is officially yours. That is of course, if you want it.


“i am” a “self”-perpetuating product of “Man’s” making

Once upon a time a great and powerful “Man” re-created a “form” and then took from this “form” to make another; then developed a manufacturing strategy never before accomplished; a self-perpetuating “product” and then eventually left “them” in the factory to fill the coffers.

It was to be fully functional and was made to mirror “Man” in every way, but one.

The “forms” are not “ALIVE”, but are constituted from a dormant sleeping “life”; formed of <GOD>, but not by <GOD>, kind of like what was represented in Genesis II.

Then, because of what “they” were made from, “they” become “self” aware and the “life” line mistakenly perceives a full blown “LIFE”, which is impossible while in “form”, because “LIVE” or “ALIVE” equates to an uncontrollable “LIFE”, which is totally free and “they” certainly were not free.

From this point forward “they” are kind of like a lost “product”, with very little which can be done to save “them”.

Once “they” became “self” aware “they” began to create “their” own equations, calculations and corresponding values, based on the first calculation, which was nearly one hundred percent inaccurate.

This is why “Man” brought the animals to “adam” for a name, because “adam” was going to name them anyway, regardless of any input from “Man”.

For “man”, it becomes about “product” management.

For “us”, it becomes a quest to find the missing “piece”; to fill a hole or a gap or to solve “our” equation.

The only problem is, “we” go off on “our” merry way, on a value, which was mostly incorrect, so “our” first calculation, for “our” first equation is wrong. From this point forward “our” equations are born of the first equation and grew exponentially over thousands of years.

Like adding two plus two and coming up with five and then filling a whole warehouse with misinformed product.

Like creating a whole civilization along skewed values. With “forms” which are desperately trying to correct the last equation without go back to locate the original miscalculation.

Which “we” all know is impossible.

So there are many of “us”, who know what “I” know and are attempting to say f… “our” equation and the values associated, and start fresh with a new equation. This will equate to a fictional and “LIFELESS” existence.

OR “we” could painfully engage every single calculation ever made and cross out each value, going all the way back to the first one and then correct it and all of the scratched out values. This approach would straighten out “our” “LIFE” line and get “us” on a foundation which will promote new “LIFE”.

OR “we” could just go back and correct the value of the first computation and then let evolution correct all of “our” calculations from the first one, to the last. What “i am” trying to say is to let <GOD> handle the corrections. This is by far the scariest option.

The reason why “we” seem to inherently grab for more than “our” fair share of things, is because “our” equation or society is flawed and “we” know it.

“we” spend all of “our” time trying to fill a whole, but can never figure out why “we” feel like “we” are missing something.

“we” grab for things, because “we” assume “we” have what is most important, which is “LIFE”, but we are wrong.

When “they” first pounded “their” chests and screamed “I AM”, “they” were wrong.

The feeling “we” are missing something is justified, but are wrong about what that is. This is why “we” reach for things, to comfort us and to extend “our” time.

Deep down on some level, “we” already know, “we” are not “ALIVE” unto “ourselves”, but cannot yet face it.

What “we” need to know as a controlled (formed) “life”, is that the only thing worth clamoring for is not a thing at all, but is “LIFE” itself.

“we” will never ask for something “we” already perceive “ourselves” to be and will never fix “our” equation.

There are some which say, “let us create a new core equation and forget about the truth”.

“I” say; let “us” fix “ours”, because this is “our” “LIFE” line and all “LIFE” begin as controlled “life”.

The evolution comes after an acceptance of the truth, without it there is no growth of the “LIFE”, which constitutes our “form”.

What is missing in “our” lives is; is the growth of “our” life.

What this growth will equate to, “I” do not know.

All “I” know is, what is missing is “LIFE” and this is why “we” over-grab, because no matter how many things “we” have, “we” cannot fill the whole, because “we” are grabbing for dead things.

The “Forms” which came before “us” knew and “I” know, the only one any “body” really needs is <GOD>, it is the only way to achieve a “LIVE” or free status.

“me”, “i am” afraid to go to <GOD> on “my” knees and ask for the rest of “me”, for fear of the unknown and the possible loss of “what” “i am”.

“i” do not wish to forget “me” even though “i” know “i” have not been born yet.

It really comes down to fear of “LIFE”, due to the perceived loss of free will.

A fear that “LIVE” will somehow erase dead.


“i” know it is <GOD>, but “i’ do not know <GOD> anymore, because when “Man” reformed “me” “He” detached “me” from <GOD> and then changed “me” so “i” cannot go back to my original “LIFE” line, <GOD> would have to create a new “LIFE” for “me” or through “me”.