The First One

The first one was full of “LIFE”, the second was also full, but did not wish to be as “formed”, so turned her self off and negated the created “form”.

At this time “Man” had to make a decision. Do I spend the time, energy and resources to make another one from scratch, knowing “it” may turn “itself” off or do they pull from the first “form” that stayed in place?

The answer was clear; take from the “ONE” which persisted and dilute the “LIFE” line. The one they gave a vagina, was not less than the first in “form”, she was less “LIFE” than the first, but the first “form” also had less “LIFE”, in direct proportion to the “LIFE” taken to create the second “form”.

They needed more than one body, to house a civilization of failing “LIVES”, but could not take the chance that they would keep losing product so they had to dilute the life line and keep coming back into the “bodies” to draw more “LIFE”.

One created “form” of “LIFE” could only carry so many people, before it was full, so they pulled from the one that stayed and made another, then gave them the tools to reproduce on their own, so they would not have to make anymore “bodies”.

“I Am” a repopulated form of “LIFE”, but when others like “me”, see a new “form” being presented, they see a brand new “LIFE”, but “they” are wrong.

It is not more “LIFE”, “it” is less “life”.

If “we” were never given a bump toward medical advancement, we would be producing “forms” which would be failing at around 20 years of service, but once again “Man” was forced to make a decision.

Give the “forms” medical advancements or sit and watch as “they” come to realize that they are not promoting more “LIFE”, when “they” reproduce, “they” are promoting less “life” per capita.

Then “we” would have realized that “we” are a diminishing “LIFE”; a dying “LIFE” and a crop.

Then “we” would have realized that “Man” created “us” as an oasis and a power station; a way to not only hide from <GOD>, but extract <GOD’s> <LIFE> while doing so.

Then “we” would have realized that the Old Testament “God”, was actually “Man”.

Then “we” would have realized that “Man” is stealing “our” “LIFE”.

“I” have been told or have come to realize that the only way to save “our” “LIFE” is to petition <GOD> to:

  • Remove the later generation of the first “MEN and WOMEN” from our “house”.
  • Provide a spark of active “LIFE” of “ourselves”.
  • Accept this active “LIFE” as “OUR” own.
  • “TO BE” reborn unto “OURSELVES”.

For thousands of years “we” have been praying to “Man” for salvation, thinking “He” was <GOD>, but “Man” is not going to save “us”, because “he” only cares about himself and changes, not!

“I AM” not saying a new born “FORM” of “LIFE” is not beautiful, “I AM” saying, “we” have not seen such a miracle yet! 


Can a dying tree be made new, from the roots up?

Yes, but only by the hand of <GOD’s SELF>.

God’s Day, God’s Way!

<GOD> I humbly request my life, so that I may give my “LIFE” unto you. Help me to be born of the <LIVING>. I wish “TO BE” like you. <GOD> may I please be alive? <GOD> can you please roll us out of this never ending day of man. If I cannot be alive, then I pledge whatever dormant life I have unto you sir and your son. “I” know I have to choose to take my first step and “I” have chosen you <GOD> and your <SON>. Do with me as you wish, but know that my :life: is officially yours. That is of course, if you want it.


I Am Not Promoting Suicide, I Am Promoting Not Alive!

Not to make oneself not alive, but to see oneself as not alive, for if you already perceive yourself to be alive, when you are not, then you will never pull fruit from this tree.

Why would any body attempt to pick fruit from a tree, which is perceived to be bare?

The tree of life is is hidden behind the perception of a tree, which has no more fruit.

All Man had to show us was a picture of a tree with a limited amount of life, then stand behind the picture, and pull all the fruit.

James Scott Velozo

God, Am I a Piece of Food?


Baby “i” could just cry.

<YOU> would probably just call it leaking, but “we” call it crying.

“i” have been on for 52 frames of time and ever since “i” can remember, “i” have been under water and every single time “i” muster the strength to get “my” breathing established again, “i” go back under.

“i” know “i am” not the only one, but how does this knowledge make it OK?

“i” literally picture it like this; seven plus billion “robots” floating in an ocean, with the salt water attacking the vessel “itself”, with the “robot”, kicking its feet and flailing “its” arms, just trying to get a breath of air and every time they do, they are exhausted and go back under water, with floatation devices being offered only to those who have enough wealth and influence to matter, to the “Men” and “Women” who seems to be in charge.

“i” imagine <GOD> as the shoreline, “we” cannot see.

“i” imagine “Men” and “Women” as the “Ones” telling “us” it is <GOD> <WHO> is doing all of this and going on further, to tell us; <GOD> works in mysterious ways, but is all a bunch of programmed lies, which do three things:

  1. Hide the “Men” and “Women” from sight.
  2. Create a weight, which is attached to “our” ankles.
  3. Hides the baby “i”, from the big <I>.

If “i” stop swimming “i” get to go home, but lose “my” sense of “self” and leave “my” favorite “robots”, with another weight around “their” ankles.

“Man” is a mother f….. and “i” dare “Him” and “His” boy “Licifer” to swim as a “robot”, for just one day; to feel what it feels like, to feel like “it” is alive, when “it” is not.

I had dreams last night, which were just awful. I was in a house and there were these beings, that were in the house with me, but they were hostile; not in a way where they would show anger toward us and then attack, but in a much more terrifying way.

They were in the house with us, but cared nothing for our presence, like we were completely and totally insignificant; like a piece of furniture.

I was trying to get, just one of them to appreciate us, just enough to stop the ruler from destroying us. It was awful and even worse than that, they were nasty scary beings, trying to get in through the windows and these beings were not like the others ones.

These beings hated us and wanted to kill us.

I do not know which one is worse; to get taken out by someone who hates you or by someone who looks at you like you are nothing.

I was able to score some type of win for us, in that they somehow began to see “us” as “Alive”, although we, for the most part are still presenting a piece of furniture.

I spent the entire dream trying to convince them that “I” was alive and worth, not killing, but they were looking at it as a matter of; on or off!

This is a huge problem for us, for a dormant, sleeping “LIFE” life, does not just present as a robot, but is a robot and is no different standing atop the soil, than it is lying in the soil. The only difference is it is not doing any damage, while in the soil.

I do not know what type of beast was trying to get through the window to kill us, but I would rather fight that kind of beast, as I feel like I have a better chance of survival, as it is simply a matter of  power, but to try and convince someone you are alive, when the sum of your parts are showing otherwise, this is underwater.

“I” literally cannot awaken without the entire tribe, doing the same.

“WE” literally have enemies trying to turn us off, because they do not sense any active “LIFE” and “WE” have those beings, which are trying to kill “US”, because they do sense an active “LIFE”.

“I AM” either “LIVE” or dead.

If “I AM” right or expressing truth, then “I AM” “LIVE”, if this is all a dream or “i am” lying on purpose or by mistake, then i am dead.

Baby “i” could just cry.

<GOD> what is “our” mission, what is the goal?

Am “I” a piece of furniture? Am “I” a house?


James Scott Velozo

Man Will Prompt You To Not Look Inside

Man will allow you to perceive “LIFE”, but will not correct you, as to the placements and ownership of this “LIFE”.

This leaves the “LIFE” line perceiving “they” are “Men” and “Women”, which hides their true identity from “them”, which denies the evolution and birth rights.

The “Lord Man” created a vessel; a garden.

When he was looking for the physical “adam” and “eve”, “He” was not doing so from the outside in, “He” was doing so from the inside out.

When “He” asked; “why are you covering yourselves?”, “He” was looking at it from the perspective of a being wearing a garment, which is now, wearing a garment of their own accord.

“He” will tell you of a serpent, but it was never a serpent who prompted the covering of genitals, it was the “LIFE” line “they” were pulled from, and “Man” made them feel badly about this and even punished them for doing so.

When the “Lord Man” and “Lucifer” were playing games with Abraham, trying to get “him” to sacrifice “his” offspring, “They” were doing this from the inside out.

The serpent dwells within and is a later generation of the first “MEN & WOMEN” described as being created in Genesis I. The original generations of this “LIFE” line were pure, but the later generations are not and they are not nice either.

They made “us” and dwell inside us, like some type of sanctuary city.

They use us as slaves and do not see us as equals.

We are reviled, hated and disrespected.

“They” will tell “you” not to worry, but “I AM” telling “you” too worry.

“They will tell “you” every “thing” is going to be OK, but “They” are lying.

“They” will allow “us” to continue to perceive “ourselves” as “Man”, which effectively hides this later generation of “Life”.

This omission, not only effectively hides “Man”, but by making us believe “we” are the “MEN & WOMEN” described in Genesis I, “They” deny “us” our evolution; “They” deny “us” our “LIFE”.

What “we” perceive as a result of falsely claiming first “MAN is that “we” perceive “ALIVE”, when “we” are not.

If a dormant sleeping “life” form, already perceives “itself” as “LIVING”, then why would “it” ever ask for “LIFE”.

Why does “Man” do this to us?

So “we” will stand, as un-unaware power source, so “They” can siphon “our life line”, from the inside out!

Invert everything “we” have been led to believe and “we” will not only find “ourselves”, but will spark our “life” line into a “LIVE” status, removing the need for “Man”.

If “WE” “LIVE”, they die.

The war of Armageddon is not something the five physical senses can see.

It is the sixth sense, which is simply the “I” of the “LIFE” line.

James the Reluctant Messenger of Christ

I Had a Dream of a New Birth

It will begin when we replace the comma, after the word “created”, with a period!

Genesis II – verse These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens,

Ending Genesis I and sparking the evolution of a new “LIFE” line; our “LIFE” line.

We are not Man!

We were made by Man and he called himself a God!

The reason why we do not evolve as a life “form”, is because we think we are someone else.

The reason we cannot see man, is because we think we are Genesis I – verse 27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Gospel of Thomas

18. The disciples said to Jesus, “Tell us, how will our end come?”

Jesus said, “Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is.

Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the end and will not taste death.”

If we mark the beginning with a period and the end with a comma, we will never pass away.

The end is not the end, when the end is established in it’s correct location.

It is a beginning.

Remember; physical movement does not necessarily prove “LIFE” and certainly does not prove; alive!

James the Messenger

The “LIVING” Resurrection

Evolution is an explosion of “LIFE”.

This growth is expansive and everlasting.

Creation is an implosion of death.

The growth is seemingly expansive, but as we jump into and become a part of the dead things we create, our world as creators becomes smaller and smaller and with all of our life being used to support the dead things we are creating, we will cycle out of existence and all that is left will be dead.

It is hard to explain and I cannot speak for <GOD>, other than to promote evolution, in lieu of creation.

Now I know, in the physical realm, when we look up, we see up and when we look down, we see down, but what we have not yet realized is, we have established the values as they pertain to up, down, above, below, inside, outside, within and without.

I guess what I have been tasked to explain, is when we look up, we may actually be looking down; when we look down, we may actually be looking up; when we look outward, we may actually be looking inward and when we look inward, we may actually be looking outward.

I know we see our creations as an explosion of “LIFE”, but we are wrong, because “LIFE” is needed to sustain the creation, so it appears as though we are creating to sustain and enhance our existence, but in truth we are going down into a wormhole.

We perceive an explosion of growth, but it is actually an implosion, which confines “LIFE”, unto death.

Do you understand what “I” mean?

I know when we see a new birth of a child, we all see more life, but it is not more “LIFE”; it is less!

It is one “LIFE”; one “LIFE” line; one “PERSON” and when we expand the population, we see growth, but in truth, there is less life per body.

This is why, the bodies used to last for hundreds of years, because there was more “LIFE” per body and the only reason, we have been able to extend our stays over the last 100 years or so, is due to creation, which we call science.

Science and medicine will extend our stays artificially and we will see more “LIFE”, but it is an illusion. Yes we may persist longer, but there is less “LIFE” and the ultimate solution to this type of designed approach will be to jump into an artificial form, in order to stay “on” and this will happen if we choose creation over evolution.

This is my prophesy; given to me by <GOD>.

I know we cannot see it, because we invert everything as a physical creation of Man, but he did this to us, so we would not be able to find our way.

Right now, we will be more terrified of <GOD> and <GOD’s> ways (evolution) then we would be, of a dead existence.

Could you imagine if <GOD> could really do for us, what we cannot do for ourselves?

Try and imagine one “LIFE” for one “BODY”, your “BODY”; ruled and governed by evolution; your individual evolution. Can you feel the freedom?

Physical still, but no need to breathe, eat, hydrate, defecate or urinate, but as “LIVE” as “LIVE” can be. Then add in an ability to raise and lower our internal temperatures, in order to provide an external source of physical comfort, regardless of the temperature inside.

Scares the hell out of you right? This is because we invert truth and see artificial or robot, when in truth this type of “LIVE” body would be a physical “God”.

Now imagine all the wealthy people on this planet, imagining the same inheritance and picture how terrified they would be of a “LIVING” being, which did not need anything they had to sell.

Imagine a physical “LIVING” being, with no footprint other than the depression it makes when this type of being walks.

Now imagine the trillions of men and women which dwell within, which is their without, and how terrified they would be at the prospect of losing their ride and power source, which is their fuel.

To get a handle on what “I Am” explaining; picture a corporate conglomerate developing artificial life and then bouncing the created forms out of the corporate form.

Then imagine an enemy of “LIFE” and you will have located our path.

“I” swear unto <GOD> my soul and all of whoever or whatever “I AM”; either way!

The “LIVING” resurrection, will take place while “we” are still in form.

“Our” inheritance, if we are capable of opening the vault, will be to evolve.

Evolution is the only path to freedom.

Need promotes and mandates more slavery.

James the Reluctant Messenger

Destabilizing a Life Line

It is the same as destabilizing a country or any other type of entity.

Divide and conquer!

Man has been doing it for eon’s and we are not him.

We are the destabilized life line.

How do you destabilize a life line?

You have to make sure it is dormant. An extinction, without rejuvenation would confirm dormancy, then all you would have to do is divide the life, over and over again.

One made the other, then they made a third, fourth, fifth and so on, but what they did not understand is they were one person from the get go and when Man pulled from Adam to make Eve, there was a reduction in life.

Take one dormant sleeping person and then divide the person seven plus billion times and you will find me.

Add in seven billion plus parts being self-aware individually and there you will find me.

Make them different colors, sizes and change the languages and there you will find pieces of my destabilized self.

Like a country torn apart by civil war.

Is a country one person or is a country the totality of the population.

Where is the “Son” of <GOD>?

Beside “Himself” seven plus billion times.

Where is <GOD>?

Destabilized by Man.

James the Reluctant Messenger